Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This little girl was born a week after I entered the mission. That’s how much time I have been wearing the namebadge ha-ha.

The gallon of milk, that is the first time I drank milk out of a gallon, and not out of a box since I have been here. I drank the whole thing in less than 24 hours =/ Not the gallon challenge, just sick of boxed milk. It’s super gross. The boxes aren’t even milk. It’s vegetable oil with milk products... gallon milk was HEAVEN

Hey Mom,
I loved the story about Holly. I think that is so amazing that something like that would happen. You just think about it and...I don’t know, pretty amazing. Same with the thing what happened at the store. The Lord definitely knows what he is doing. That’s the thing a lot of times, we want these perfect circumstances, but now I think about it, I have never ever been in a perfect situation, or had everything just work out perfectly. But things don’t have to work out perfectly; they just have to work out. And they always do. Life will always go on.

We had some problems in the zone this week and my comp and I had to do a lot of... correcting. It was actually really ugly and we left off pretty badly with a lot of missionaries. A lot of people that I am friends with too. But we were talking about it and pretty much got to the same conclusion. Even though we had to do something we didn’t really want to do, correct people, it was necessary and now life just goes on. It was kind of interesting though too, because a few nights after we had the problems with these missionaries, we were talking with our ward mission leader, who got home from his mission about six months ago, and he was just talking about how importance obedience is, and how we as ZL’s have to remember where and what our priorities should be. We shouldn’t worry if people don’t like us, we just have to try our best to lovingly help people be better, and especially if they are doing something they shouldn’t. But like I said before, everything just keeps going. Life moves on and today we have different things we have to worry about. That’s what I was thinking about when I read the story about the elk.

I also got a really cool letter from Dad this week. It was about Ether 12:4 and how that had really helped him in his mission. It was perfect though because the next day I really needed that scripture. We were going to visit some people with a member that I really like here. He is a college student and this really fun guy, but while we were there we had to wait a little bit. He was changing because he had just gotten out of the shower. While we were waiting we were talking to his mother who had been less active for most of her life, married a nonmember, and now he is an alcoholic and they are just really struggling. We were talking with the mom and trying to help her, but she got really emotional and started crying, and she just got up and walked out. Her son came down a few minutes later and we just ended up leaving without seeing her again. But while we were sitting there waiting I saw that she had left her book of Mormon on the sofa where she was sitting, so I took out a sticky note and put that scripture on it and then stuck it on her book. Later that day we ran into her and she just kind of looked at us, and told us sorry about what had happened in the morning and that she had read the scripture. She started to tear up and said it was the most beautiful scripture she had ever read. I was just kind of like awe struck. I had totally forgotten I had done that, but it was just kind of one of those powerful moments. Thanks for the solid on that one Pops.

 Anyways, sorry I am a little short on time this week, we have to run down to Xela right now. I haven’t gotten any packages yet, but I'm hoping today they will be there. But I love you guys, have a great week.

Elder Morrow

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