Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey Moms,
Great email this week. I was just cracking up the whole time. As for the breastfeeding, tell Alex to not be such a little girl. I have been in the middle of a lesson, and had the mother do the ¨shirt off double breast feed¨. Literally the lady had two pups that were wanting the teat so she just took the whole shirt off, two birds one stone. I remember one time in a lesson too this lady’s kid walks up to us, shook my hand, talked with us, and then went over to his mom and lifted up her shirt and started breastfeeding. It’s also quite dangerous to gives talks in sacrament meeting and have to be facing the congregation. Those are the days when I just choose not to wear my contacts or glasses, better to be blind.

This week was great for our sister missionaries in my zone. First of all for our baptism Saturday, we had planned on singing a song one of the sister missionaries and I with my guitar, but we were out running all day and we couldn’t get back to the house and bring the guitar in time for the baptism, so we just decided to do it in the next baptism. Then in the middle of the service the guy that was directing just says we have a special musical number by the sister missionaries, we had no idea, I thought we had cancelled it. But the two of them go up there, and one of the sister missionaries plays Come thou Fount on the recorder while the other one sings. I literally just about lost it when they walked up there. Dwight Schrute level. One of the sister missionaries in my area literally plays the recorder, like the little plastic flutes that little kids play in music class in elementary. I was just blown away. I literally could not stop thinking about the episode from the office where they bury the dead bird and Dwight plays the song. I couldn’t hold it in, I had to leave the room with one of those fake cough episodes.

The other funny thing was the other companionship of sisters this week. The APs called last night and told us who in the zone will be having changes tomorrow, and one of the sisters in the other companionship had changes. But we didn’t have any minutes on our phone and it was Sunday so we couldn’t buy, so we just sent a text to the dls and told them to tell the people in their district. At like 11thirty we get a call and it’s the sisters. My comp answered the phone, but after like thirty seconds of indiscernible noise, he put it on speakerphone so I could hear also. The sister was literally just hysterically crying, like she was trying to talk, but she was also crying so loud we couldn’t understand what she was saying. My comp is one of those guys too that always likes to joke, and he just keeps saying to her, ¨Hma, calm down, calm down¨ like fifty times until she actually calms down enough to listen to what he was going to say, and he just says to her ¨Hermana, I know I have changes but I didn’t think you were going to miss me that much. ¨  And she just starts flipping out again. Literally my comp just lay in his bed for like 20 minutes with the phone on speaker lying on his chest while this sister was absolutely losing it. I have never seen a 22-year-old adult have a meltdown like that before. She wasn’t even the one with changes, she was freaking out so badly just because her comp was leaving. Sisters...she literally said ¨I am going to call president, this isn’t revelation! ¨ Like 100 times. Ahh.
This week was good though. The baptism was all pretty awesome and it was a good way to finish out with the change. I am feeling like I'm in stride now. The weeks are passing crazy fast, its kind of weird, like the longer the mission goes, the less and less I want to go home. I don’t want to leave. Maybe ill extend...

That’s cool S's leaving. I bet he will be such a stud missionary. He's always just been one of those guys. As for the family that we baptized, they moved. It was kind of a bummer but the guy got a really god job (blessings) and so they live in Mazatenango now, which is part of another mission. But we talk to them on the phone and stuff and they found the ward there and are going there now. Anyways, love you guys, have a great week.

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