Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hey Moms,

How are things going? I am in desperate need for this package, my shoes have all taken a turn for the worst this week and I am really really hurting. I literally just have my boots left, and they are actually starting to fall apart a little bit too. They will be all right until I get those other shoes but still.

This is the last week here before changes and I am pretty ready for them to roll around. My comp is getting done with his 5th change here and it’s safe to say he has pretty much thrown in the towel. Our dats were so unbelievably bad this week. We still have the baptism coming up this Saturday but after that we pretty much don’t have any other investigators.

I am actually pretty mad at him right now. We had to go to Xela and get our cell phone changed out in the office and he just told me he wasn’t going to go, that I had to go with another elder if I wanted to go. So I went down to Xela with one of the DLs. But I have the new cell phone and so I have no way of communicating with my comp. I have no idea where he is and he has the keys to the house. So we have all the packages and mail from the office, and no way of getting into our house. Also my camera is sill in my house and I can’t get it. Ahhh. Sorry, no photos this week again. You can blame my comp for that.

The worst part too is I took some of the most amazing photos in the world today. We went for p-day to go look for these waterfalls that are in our area. It was literally the most beautiful place I have ever been in the world. We had to hike through the mountains for about two hours and when we got there, literally one of the coolest places I have ever seen. It’s possible that we found the actual waters of Mormon. It actually looked a lot like Sundance, when we were walking through the trails and stuff it reminded me a lot of what it looks like there. Rocky steep mountains and pine trees, I loved the smell too. I will send photos next week I guess. Sorry.

It was so so insanely hot today though. I can’t ever remember having a hotter day in my mission. Maybe in Huehue I had a few days like this, but it was definitely one of the hottest. The sun here is really strong too, it’s kind of hard to describe it. I always wear sunscreen, but the sun makes you feel like your skin is itchy and it gets really temperature hot. Add on black pants and a black backpack and you get cooking. It does cool down in the nights though and it feels really nice then.

As for New Years, that sounds like a lot of fun actually. I have no idea what the Gangnam style dance looks like, but I just imagine Alex standing out there like a bum with Dayoung going wild. Would have made for a good video. And I am super disappointed that Alex didn’t get his cotton eye joe on. Pretty predictable though

As for my new comp, from what I have heard from the AP is it’s going to be this dl that I spent Christmas and New Years with. The kid from Wyoming. He is a really good missionary and works super hard so it should be good. It will probably be weird to have another gringo comp but either way, if you work hard you don’t even feel the changes pass. I just want to baptize more. That family we baptized really got me excited for this area and I feel like I really can hit a good stride here in this area. I am ready to have some changes too where I really get worn out. Should be good.

They told my comp he is going to be the ZL in Brasilia, the zone where I started in Huehue. He seems pretty stoked about that. The mission is going to open two new zones this change. They opened one in Huehue and one in Momos. I think they are trying to get the mission all prepped for when the newbies come in. From what we have heard March is when the really big groups are coming. Should be exciting. Anyways, I love you guys. Thanks so much for getting that package out so quickly, it will greatly be appreciated. Have a good week.


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