Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hey Moms,

So I still haven’t heard anything about them changing the dates of when I go home. In our email group with Hunter and all our friends, one of them said he got an email saying they moved up his go home date three weeks. But as for me, who knows. Maybe I’ll just extend anyways.

Christmas was really good actually. It was just kind of a nice day to relax and recuperate a little bit. It was just crazy dead everywhere, we went out after calling and tried to work a little bit, but without a whole lot of success. The only bad thing was that we couldn’t eat anything. None of the little stores were open and there weren’t any buses so we couldn’t go into Xela and buy anything. We ended up just eating a packet of refried beans and some sandwich bread that we had in the house ha-ha. I also had a ton of candy from the packages that I got so that held me over.

Grandma Magleby sent me some peanut butter eggs. Oh my goodness. They were gone in a matter of hours... she sent a whole container too, like 25 eggs ha-ha.

It is super hard to wrap my head around 2013. It can’t really be 2013 can it? Bummer too that y'all are going to the 1:00 schedule. We have church here at 9. It’s just a little branch that’s pretty excluded, so we just have the building to ourselves. It’s nice to go early and have it done by 12, that’s always been my favorite schedule.

We don’t have anything planned for New Years either. A member invited us over for dinner but I think I am going to go on divisions and be in Totonicapan for New Years. My comp is really good friends with one of the dls comps and so they have been begging to go on divisions for all of the holidays. For me it’s all kind of the same, especially if either way were not going to be doing much. So I think ill be staying in Toto tonight. Were going to pass the New Year with a recent convert family that I met and taught a few times when we were on divisions. I actually put the baptismal date with them too. So that should be cool.

I was thinking a lot about what I can do for resolutions. I have one goal that is a baptismal number, but that one is a secret (Elder Rogers, numbers don’t matter). The other one is that I want to have all of the Articles of Faith memorized in Spanish and English. I will probably have some more but those are the only two I have decided on.

This week was great; we baptized that family I had told you about. I forgot my camera at home so sorry; you’ll have to wait till next week for the photos. It was actually really crazy and hectic but it finally all got worked out. We went down to Xela on Saturday in the morning to get all the paperwork figured out with the lawyer, and when we were on the bus ride back my comp (we were on divisions again) called me and told me that the guy had just confessed to him that he was in a gang before and that he basically was the designated killer. He would make all the plans and then go and take people out. So we thought for sure he wasn’t going to get baptized because in cases like that the mission president has to come and do a special interview. But we got super lucky and called President Bautista and he ran out to San Cris and did the interview really quick. We had to start the wedding a little bit late but everything else worked out. It was super nice to finally baptize a family, like an actual husband and wife.

We have another investigator who is super super positive and is going to get baptized on the 12 of January.  It was cool how we met this guy too. We were playing soccer in the church last p-day and he just saw that the church was open and decided to walk in and see what it was like. He had gone to the same evangelical church all his life but a few years ago he got into a fight with the pastor and is looking for a new church. So we took him to the baptism of Saturday and on Sunday he went to church, and when we were in the Elders Quorum he asked us if he could make an announcement, got up in the front and said he had decided that he wanted to get baptized the 12 in front of everyone. My comp and I were just kind of sitting there like uhhh, did that really just happen? But either way, baptisms are baptisms. He even wanted to pay his tithing. We hadn’t even taught him that, but he saw the tithing slips by the President’s office and was trying to pay ha-ha. He is just a super humble and quiet guy too, his name is Jorgito Leon. His name is “little George Lion”. Thought that was kind of funny.
Anyways, I love you all, hope you have a great new years!

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