Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey Moms,

How's everything going? Things are good here. The trio ends today. We were only in trio this week because the person we’re babysitting is going home today.  It’s actually been really fun having him, even though he is a little crazy. Since we have three in the house we’ve been playing kings of the corners every night until bedtime. That will dearly be missed. He is Latino and from El Salvador. We're just going to drop him off at the mission home tonight and yeah, that’s it for the trio. Its a little weird walking around with three, and people look at us like were from the kkk with me and my other giant gringo comp. I literally feel like the mafia walking around with three or something, it’s too much. That’s why it’s always been two and two. You can’t contact or anything with three. But like I said, the card games will be missed.

 My other comp is Elder C. He was the one that was a DL in Toto and they just moved him down the road a little bit and now we’re comps. He is a really good guy, he is super humble and a really really hard worker, so I am really looking forward to it.

We had two big things happen this week. The first was Friday. President Bautista and his wife came and worked with us. So yeah, we were walking around with 5 huge white people, and one Latino. It was quite the group. But it was super cool to be able to be around President and get to work with him. He came to our house in the afternoon and we all did a companionship study and got ready for the appointments we had, and then we got to talk about the zone and all and make some plans.

After we went to this appointment with a member family, the man we baptized last week, and his investigator wife. It went really well, we played a game with a stuffed animal that has to do with kissing certain body parts of a teddy bear (not my idea) and then shared a lesson. After we went with another one of our investigators who is really positive, and had a lesson with her. I am trying to think of new ideas and stuff, I'm getting a little bored of the usual lessons, so I’m trying to be creative. So we came up with this lesson plan were we play the card game spoons, remember how to play that? Well we play spoons and then teach a lesson that has to do with the game. There are actually a ton of really good lessons that you can pull out of that game. But we taught that to her, and then started talking about baptism. And when we asked her about if she had liked the baptism she had gone to a few weeks ago, she said she really liked it and wanted to do it herself also. President just smiled and had this kind of surprised look on his face. I was sooo happy ha-ha. Card games work I guess.

It was kind of interesting though, after that appointment, we were talking with sister Bautista, and she was just kind of shocked at how bad of conditions this lady was living in. And they weren’t that bad, I have seen a lot worse. But it was kind of strange to see how I've just kind of become numb to poverty. It’s super sad really, how some of the people have to live here. For example, this lady has a bunch of little kids and we’re pretty sure she has no husband. She says she does but something tells me she’s lying. I think I’m going to hit some crazy culture shock going back to the states.

The second really cool thing we did this week is we changed houses. Thank goodness too. We literally lived in the worse house in the mission. It was so so so unbelievably bad ha-ha. But we just moved out of the worst house in the mission to the best house in the mission. We moved into this brand new condo/apartment place. It’s like living in heaven. It’s nicer than any other apartment I have ever lived in, even those in BYU. It is big but not too big, has really nice tile floors and all and a hot water heater (first in my mission). We even have two big balconies that look over the city. We’re on the third floor. The people that built the condos live in the states and have a ton of money, and they just built it all to come back here and have like a vacation home. There are a bunch of the apartments that are just empty, and the only other person that lives across the hall from us is only here on the weekends. It’s all to ourselves pretty much. And there are no giant evangelical churches that have crazy evangelical concerts every night right by our house either (like the other house did). I’ll send photos next week. It’s by far the nicest and cleanest house I have ever seen in the mission. It reminds me a lot of the Campbells condo in Durango, and it even smells like a hotel room. Heaven.

Anyways, things are going good here. I love this area. It’s really big, great members, great house, great comp. Not a whole lot that’s not going great. That’s always good news right? Anyways, I love y'all, have a good week. Tell Alex congrats and give Dayoung a pat on the belly for me.


P.S. Alex, congrats man. So I’m going to be a Tio. That’s super weird. Either way though, I’m sure y’all will be great parents. You just have to be super good and focused with studying and all, it’s serious business now, not just the wifey you’ll be paying for, but the nard pup too. But is chipper seriously the first name your going to give him or is that a joke? And if it’s not a joke is he going to go by Chipper or is he going to go by Jay? I’m naming my first boy Dwight Schrute Morrow. That way he will have perfect genes, perfect blood pressure, and great sales tactics. Anyways man, I’ll be praying for the three of y'all, take care, and remember to get Dayoung on the beet cleanse diet stat, then for sure it will be a boy. 

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