Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey Mom,

This week was good. Yeah Alex told me that it has been really, really hot there. It’s not too bad here right now. We are into the rainy season now so the blazing sun has stopped. It rains pretty much all the days here in the afternoon so that cools it off nicely. It has been causing some problems with the electricity in our area though so that’s kind of the down side. It has gone out probably every other day here and this morning it went out again. I am not sure if it was my fault or not but, I was trying to get into the shower, and here there are no water heaters, there are just electric shower heads that heat up the water as it comes out (yeah super safe). But when I turned it on, it heated up for about 5 seconds and then I hear a little explosion from outside. I walked outside and my companions where looking out our front window. Our apartment is on the second floor and when I looked out of the window a large mass of electric cables had melted and caught on fire and they were burning other cables and I am pretty sure it took out the power on our whole street. I didn’t mean to do it though ha-ha.

Like I said before too, it has been raining hard this week. On Thursday we were out working in a little pueblo outside of Huehue and it started to rain. We decided to head back into town before we got the heavy part of the rain but we were too late. I even had my umbrella but we still got soaked. It was windy too so everything from about belly button down was soaked in about 5 minutes. There weren’t any busses either, so we had to walk for about an hour in that rain to get home. My comps and I were soooooo soaked. Literally the only part of my body that wasn’t wet was my hair, my umbrella isn’t so great. 

Another funny thing that happened this week was our ward got a visit from the stake patriarch yesterday. He gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and also the class for the last hour. He talked the whole time about marriage but it was actually really really good. There is a problem of YSA people here in this town, just in my ward there are like 25 return missionaries that have more than a year to be home and haven’t been married yet. Needless to say the topics are usually marriage for that reason all of the Sundays. But he was talking about how men don’t have to wait for their Virgin Mary and women don’t have to wait for the Angel Moroni to come down from off of the top of the temple in order to get married. Just that people need to accept responsibility and accept the next step in their life to continue progressing. I really liked it though; the guy was really giving it to the YSA people though.

As for the changes I have no idea what’s going on just yet. This is the last week of the change so next week we will know for sure. My comps are still good. We have been in trio the whole time and I really enjoy them both. I would be sad leaving them as companions, but the area wouldn’t be the hardest to leave. It’s a good area, but I have had better, and I am kind of getting a little bit of mountain fever since I have just been in the city my whole mission. I sure hope my last area they send me to some crazy mountain area, that’s my last wish. 

As for implementing facebook and things like that here in the mission, I still don’t think those kind of things will be done here. One for the security risks, we get robbed for having the crappiest cell phone in the market. If people know we have ipads or blackberry phones in order to use facebook, we would all get robbed so fast. Plus nobody here has a personal computer so facebook is used, but nothing like in the states where it would be a good means for communicating with and finding new people to teach. Like.... I am in the mountains of Guatemala, let's be honest. 

Anyways, sounds like everything is good there, I love you all and hope all is well. I will talk to you all next week.

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