Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hey Mom,

So first of all, I finally got Grandma’s package this week. It was trashed and had some gross smelling brown liquid spilt all over it, but it did get here. Grandma’s a champ though; all of the stuff that was inside of the package was in plastic bags so nothing got the stuff on it. Make sure and tell her thanks for me, and great choice on the BYU tie.

As for the Momos, that is the one part of the mission that I have never been too. Momostenango is actually a decent sized city and fairly modern, but its famous because the stake is just that one city and tons of little tiny aldeas that you can barely even call aldeas. They are more like entire mountains where the houses are dotted out really far apart. The missionaries in those areas have to live in a little room that’s part of the chapel, and they have to go to Xela once a month in order to buy their food. It’s the land of milk and honey though, the people there are super humble and really except the gospel. Even though the areas are really big and spread out over mountainsides, the members are super strong and the wards are growing really fast there. It’s pretty wild though, like just imaging having an area that is just a mountainside, no roads, nothing. Just walk in the direction your trying to get to and walk until the house shows up. That’s funny you saw that from Elder Snow though, because do you remember my old roommate Scott? I really liked him, he had served his mission in New Zealand, and Elder Snow is my old roommates’ cousin ha-ha. They are super alike too.

Huehue is good though. It’s really hot in the morning and afternoon until it starts to pour rain and we get soaked. Little bit of the worst of both worlds ha-ha. Landon had told me they had gotten up to 120 though, that’s disgusting, I’ll be honest that would kill me. I have had some hot days here, but never that hot. Why is Vegas such a big city, who wants to live next door to Satan?

Tomorrow are the changes. My ZL comp and I don’t have changes, but our other comp has changes. It was a good change; I really, really like both of these kids. Trio is fun because it’s easier to converse and have fun, but it’s hard to teach, so the change has its plusses and minuses.

I baptized a lady today. She doesn’t live in my area, but still. It kind of just fell out of the sky for some sister missionaries in our zone and yesterday they called us to do the interview and the lady said she wanted a gringo to baptize her, so I had to go today in the morning and I got to baptize. It was cool even though it doesn’t count for me. The last time I have baptized someone was April last year. It’s almost always been a member that has done it, which is preferable, but it feeds the fire a little bit every time you get to stand in the font.

This week was really good though. Really tiring. We had meetings in Xela and some other things going on, I woke up at about 4:30 almost every day. I know mornings have never really been hard for me, but 4:30 comes early every time. It’s nice and warm in the mornings though so it’s not too bad, waking up when it’s cold outside, that’s when its hard.

4th of July was pretty normal. Our lunch appointment fell thru so we ordered Dominos, that’s about as American as it can get here, and my companion bought me an ice cream cone even though it was pouring rain outside ha-ha. But other than that we just worked. Lots of people here remembered that though, pretty much the whole day people were like hey, happy independence day. Probably since like more than half of the people we talk to have been in the states at some point illegally in their life, but still, they remembered. Anyways, everything is good here. I love you all, say hi to everyone for me.


PS I don’t think I’ll be home thanksgiving day. I'm not coming home early, sorry, I can’t. I wish I could extend honestly. I'm not ready to go home....

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