Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey Mom,

Yeah I did hear about the Elder that died. Some members told us the name and I am pretty sure I had recognized that name. When you said he also had 18 months yeah that must be him then. I remember he was in the CCM with me but he went to the other mission. He wasn't in my district but I did know him. That is so sad honestly. I haven't heard anything about it other than that though. Seriously though, that's too bad.
On another note. What kind of sick freak would buy my wisdom teeth? And not just that, but spend 26 dollars on them. I feel like if there was some kind of justifiable reason as to why he would want them, he could have just gone to any regular dentist and asked him for some. But if you have to secretly buy them over the Internet, that scares me. I have been trying but just cant seem to get my mind wrapped around the fact someone wanted my two year old wisdom teeth....
Anyways, this week was good. Its been super overcast but hasn't rained very much. I found some brand new timberland waterproof dress shoes in a used clothes store and paid about 100 quetz for them. It was seriously a great deal. They look brand new honestly. I am hoping I can wear these throughout the rainy season and preserve my eccos in good condition for when I'm done. Those eccos are really nice, but they aren't 100% waterproof because of the seams they have on the front. Plus I still have my boots that are in really really good condition so I am sure my feet will be nice and taken care of. This week we were out working in this little pueblo in our area the whole time. Its this little village called San Lorenzo, but its part of our ward. It's actually where our bishop lives. Its about fifteen minutes in a bus away from the city but its nice and calm out there. It's a nice break to get out of the city a little bit. Its really hectic actually the life in my area. The roads here are really really narrow and the cars all drive really fast, so I feel like I am playing frogger every now and then dodging through cars in the streets. So when we go out into the mountains its nice and calm. 

My whole mission have wanted to go to one of the aldea areas where there are no roads or cars or anything, just pure mountains and little dirt paths. Maybe when I get changes they will send me there. I also like going to areas like that because we can do a lot of service stuff. I am actually pretty good with a machete but I cut my finger pretty bad on accident on Friday. It closed up alright though. No stitches. We are teaching a lot right now, just not having baptisms. Our date that we had for this week fell through because the guy couldn't attend church. Hopefully it just gets set back a week or two and that's all. We have interviews coming up this week but I still don't think I am going to talk with my mission President about when the release date is exactly. I still have plenty of time until I have to worry about those kind of things.... 

Also they told us were going as a zone to the temple again. Not this week but next week. I am really excited about that. The temple here is really really pretty, and its nice to go and just not stress or worry about anything. Its like a good two hour vacation they give to missionaries. I got the package from you this week Mom. Thanks for sending all that stuff. I really really liked your class on balance. I let my comp who speaks English read it too and he also really enjoyed it. He was really surprised that you had written it, he thought it was someone high up in the church or something that had sent it. Other than that though, nothing really exciting happened this week. 

Good to hear from you, I love you all and have a good week.


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