Monday, June 17, 2013



Hi Mom.
First of all, Gaffganistan this is hilarious. I love that guy ha-ha. I just remember one of his skits he starts talking about he always dresses like a Mormon. That guy might have mental issues to be honest.

As for the mangos, honestly I had never actually eaten a mango before I got here to Guatemala. I had never actually eaten one until my last area too. But in my last area I am not sure what it was, but I ate one almost every day. They have some here that are about the size of a football. Other than that though, we really don’t eat that much fruit. I usually buy oranges in the super market because I feel like I might be getting scurvy or something. There are fruits here, but not really. Since my mission doesn’t have any coast there is not much natural fresh fruit here. Literally the only things I eat are eggs, beans, corn, potatoes, rice and chicken. On a rare occasion they will also give us fried platanos with cream. It’s this giant banana that is really, really good. The ants were not something normal. That was the first time I had ever seen anyone eat them but I had heard that they do eat them sometimes. They come from this town an hour north of where I am now, and they are crazy, crazy expensive honestly. It was a super nice gesture from this lady to give them to us.

I don’t exactly know what to think about Alex selling my wisdom teeth on E-bay. Honestly what kind of freak would buy teeth? Speaking of the rest of my teeth. All of the dental work I had done before my mission, it’s safe to say that Guatemala has undone all of that. Almost all of the fillings that I had done have fallen out. Maybe it’s a tender mercy from the Lord that they don’t hurt. But even if they start hurting I am not going back to a dentist in this country. The last time I went was definitely the first and only time I will get dental work done here. So I’ll just put up with it till I get home.

This week was good.  My comp, who I am zonie training, is super legit. He could be my favorite comp that I have had. He is super smart and loves to work. We are working really hard.  It’s a little frustrating when there are no fruits from the efforts, but at least it’s not that bad. I could be serving in Europe somewhere still hoping for my first baptism.

The rain went away this week. I don’t know what happened but the sun settled in and this week was sooooo hot. We went to the Zaculeu ruins this week. It was pretty cool I had never been before. It’s a little cheap because the ruins aren’t 100% real.  They have reconstructed a lot of it but still it’s interesting. Also gave me a chuckle that there is a sacrificial alter there that they still do sacrifices on. Also there is this huge court that they used to play some kind of game in, but the thing is, the winning team, the best player, at the end of the game would always be the person sacrificed. How does that work? The motivation should be play well in order to not die, not play well in order to have your heart ripped out by some freaky priest. No thanks.
Either way, that’s all that’s new here, hope you all have a good week.
Love you all,


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