Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey Mom,
Yeah we are still in trio and it’s going great. Our third wheel is actually a really good kid. He is a convert and was inactive pretty much instantly after he was baptized, reactivated the year before his mission and then left. So foundationally speaking he is pretty rough. My comp and I are basically teaching him the lessons and the doctrines even though he has about six months.  He is kind of here just to learn the ropes, either way I really like both of my comps and we all get along really well.

As for packages, still no word. Like I said, it takes a long time for us to get anything up here, so it could be that my package didn't get lost and it’s just in the office waiting for me and I haven't been able to get it yet. At the end of the month President always has meetings here so he should be able to come up and bring some stuff. I am dying for the conference issue of the ensign too; I still haven't been able to study the talks or anything. The members all have them here but I haven't been able to find anyone yet who will lend me one.

I don't know anything yet about the new mission, they haven't told us anything. I haven't heard of any missionaries with mission call changes yet either so not sure. I am in the zone probably the farthest away from the new mission so I am probably not going to be shipped over there, but of course you never know. Supposedly only one of the zones from our mission is going to make part of the new mission, but like I said that's probably four or five hours from where I am from.

I am feeling a lot better this week. I think the stress and everything from changes has worn off and I have been sleeping better. I haven't been stomach sick for a while too, which is always a blessing.

This week our baptism got postponed. It was soooo frustrating. He passed the baptismal interview and everything. He told me he wanted me to baptize him and he was super excited. Then that night he talked to his mom who lives in San Marcos and she apparently flipped out on him for wanting to get baptized so he feels like he has to work everything out with her first. Hopefully in a week or two.

I ate the new weirdest thing in my life this week. Yesterday we went to visit some members to contact a referral they had for us, and while we were there, they cooked us ants. Yeah, like not even kidding, this lady went to her fridge and pulled out a ton of the biggest ants I have ever seen. Puts some butter in a pan and then fries them up and gives us a plate. Legs, pinchers, everything. Surprisingly enough though, they tasted like bacon bits. It was strange, but tasted a lot better than the raw cow stomach.

The other thing that happened this week was that I saw someone die. It was really really sad actually. It was pouring rain and we were on the way out of this member’s house, and they live above this bridge. But right when I walk out of this house I see this red truck fly across this bridge and do a hit and run. We made our way down there to see what had happened, and this little old man was lying there. The ambulance arrived quickly but by the time they got there he had passed away. Apparently the car that did the hit and run though, had been stolen and then he hit this guy, five minutes later he hit another lady and broke her leg, and then got a flat tire and the police caught him. It was still really sad though. Supposedly the old man was one of our neighbors too.

That’s about all that's going on here. Hope everything is good there, tell everyone hi for me.

I love you all.


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