Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey Mom,

Funny about the flat and thick Adam joke... I got it, I'll start p90x, my diet starts tomorrow. This week was crazy. As you can imagine someone as ocd as I am couldn't let Thanksgiving pass and not celebrate it. Elder B, the zone leader that is my really good friend and I paid one of the sisters in our ward to cook for us. Her husband was a mission president in El Salvador and so they had always done dinners with the missionaries that were in the office when they were in the mission. So it wasn't their first time. We paid so much money for it though. We paid about a third of our months expenses just for this one dinner,... so worth it, even though I dont have money to buy groceries this week. Looks like ill be eating the left over spaghetti I have saved up in the house for breakfast this week haha, I think I have some syrup in the house too, I am going on the Buddy the Elf diet. 

We did turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, the whole thing. I even got to carve the turkey. I converted my comp into a believer this week too. He was all angry the whole day and just kept saying ¨it is not appropriate that we celebrate holidays in a country that the holiday doesn't even exist.¨  I just told him to quit being a robot and smile and enjoy something every now and then. We had even invited investigators and stuff to go too, so it was completely legal. The best was afterwards though because we got to the house and he was just like ¨Thanksgiving might be the best day of the year.¨ And he thought that the sparkling cider (thanks WalMart) had alcohol in it because afterwards he kept telling me he was drunk and that his face felt really hot. I just kept laughing and telling him he shouldn't have eaten half of the whole turkey and he wouldnt have entered into a food coma. 

This could be my last week here in this area. What's kind of weird is that I have been here for a really long time, but it felt like it went by so fast. I am not even sure that I have changes, they are supposed to call on Sunday and let us know. 

I can't really believe either that Sunday is my birthday. 19 went by really really fast. I dont know what I am going to do, probably nothing. It's fast Sunday so no breakfast in bed, and the Christmas devo for the first presidency is that night so it will probably be just another day. I didn't get your package today so that means I wont get your package untill next week, which means no presents on my birthday, but its not a big deal, I didn't really get or do anything for my birthday last year either. I just remember Alex sent me a text at like 6 in the morning telling me happy birthday waking me up, and I remember thinking that it was going to be K D again and that I was going to loose it haha. 

Anyways, about BYU, at least they are going bowling this year, sorry Utah. Notre Dame is undefeated though, is  Hagerty playing there now? Yall should google his name and see if he shows up on the roster. 

Anyways, I love yall, have a good week.

PS, Liv and Wendy look really really old, and Bree looks like she has gotten younger. Alex also needs to shave,... bum. Also, can you send me the recipe for no bake cookies? 

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