Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey Mom,

This week was really hectic actually. We had p-day on Tuesday because of setting up all the stuff on Monday. And then Friday I had to go back and translate for the dentist thing we had set up for on Monday. It was actaully really really cool. They had probably about 25 dentists, 5 doctors, and a few oral surgeons there and something like 1100 kids showed up from the Xela and Rheu missions to get all there medical stuff done for their mission papers. It was just crazy hectic because about 5 of them could speak Spanish. So we were just running all day. I was there from ten in the morning until ten at night. Because my comp doesn't speak any English he just stayed with the zonies the whole day. 

Poor guy too, he literally had the worst day you could ever have as a missionary. In the morning they were doing some service and he cut his thumb on some sheet metal. He had to go to the hospital and get stiches and everything.  And then at night, I was supposed to go and do a baptismal interview but the zonies went and did it since I was stuck translating. So they go to this area late at night and on the way back, they got assaulted and robbed. Two guys took the three of their backpacks, wallets, phones, cameras. Everything. Even their scriptures. They called me from a members house and I asked them where they were.  They were kind of by my area, but in a super super dangerous area, at night, walking on this road that doesn't have any street lights. I was just like, what the flip were they doing in that area at night? It's seriously notoriously dangerous, and both of the zonies have been here longer than I have. Nothing would have happened if they had taken another street. I was just like, uh, what were y'all thinking? But yeah he was pretty freaked out. He dropped the tough 26 year old facade pretty quickly. 

But he is still on his ocd kick, he bought brand new really expensive scriptures and he called his mom and is going to buy some crazy nice camera and everything. I was just kind of like uh, you just got all your nice stuff that you shouldn't have been carriying with you anyways stolen, and your just going to buy it all again like that, like what if it gets stolen again...? Like you haven't even hit three months yet, relax. Other than that though, not much is going on here. 

I can't believe BYU is that disappointing this year, but, better that they stink now while I am gone now and when I get back they can get it together. That's awesome Seano got his call, I bet DC would be such a cool place to serve, really cold, but still, I love DC. What about D? Has he gotten his call yet? We have no plans for Thanksgiving this week, I am going to start searching for some members that will cook me something american, I can't imagine a year with no turkey day. 
Anwyays, I love yall, have a good week.


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