Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hey Moms,

This week was good; Halloween doesn’t exist here so I actually didn’t really realize it had passed. One of the members made some pumpkin pie for me and that was pretty cool, but just not really the same. The holiday here is called Day of the Saints (of course, apostates) and it’s just kind of like Day of the Dead but its November 1. The tradition is they go and leave this plate of food called “fiambre” (I’ll get to that later) and alcohol on the tombstones of their dead ancestors. But everyone was saying all the drunks just go there in the night and have the real party, kind of like joking. I just kept thinking uhhhh, that’s super low to have to go get drunk in the cemetery.

“Fiambre” is literally the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life. I couldn’t believe they eat it. It’s just like a ton of rotten vegetables and beans, covered in vinegar, and then covered in cheese and ham and boiled eggs. I was thinking before we ate, oh cheese and ham, shouldn’t be too bad, but seriously, the foulest thing I have ever stomached in my life, even worse then the raw cow stomach. I was just glad the sister who fed us wasn’t in the same room as my comp and I when we were eating because I basically just had to pinch my nose and send it down.

Other than that this week was good though, it was a mission wide contacting week so we just contacted all week, and yes, we knocked every single door in this area. Every single one, and then we got kind of bored so we started contacting in another companionships area because we just ran out of people to talk to really. It was just super cool though to see how people are just kind of waiting or prepared for us. We had so many lessons where people were golden. I’m dying for a baptism, we’re hoping for one to go through in two weeks or so, keep your fingers crossed for me.

I can’t believe Kathy and Lauren just had kids, that’s kind of crazy, the pictures of the store look really good too. I know they are just pictures but from what I saw it looked cooler than the old store I would say, especially the outside. Y'all did a good job with that.

I literally heard nothing about the hurricane, but a week without power, bummer. We basically loose power or water or the both pretty much every other day though, you just kind of get used to it. When I was in my first change here we went like 4 days without water or light. My comp and I were smelling pretty strange by the time they got everything fixed. No earthquakes this week. Everyone says that it’s safer though the more frequent there are small trembles, because if they are small they prevent the really big ones that are just building up for a really long time. I think we’re pretty safe from hurricanes though, up in the mountains and away from the coast.

Also I had to break into an investigators house this week. It’s like this 60-year-old lady who lives alone and lost her keys and so she couldn’t get into her house. The only thing is I had to get up on the third floor and break in from the door on the roof, otherwise we would have had to break some windows, but I did some Bruce Lee maneuvers and get up there. I did it and I am still alive. Hopeful she will just get baptized now...

Ha-ha, mom, those black disc that were cooking over the fire, those are tortillas. I couldn’t tell you how many millions of those things I have had to eat. Looks delicious right? They eat those with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yep. They are sometimes yellow, sometimes white, sometimes a dark blue. Just depends on what kind of corn they use to make the dough.

My comp did get over his cold, but he did do something pretty funny this week. We went to buy groceries and he didn’t bring his ID with him, so when the lady asked him for ID, he used his temple recommend ha-ha. She accepted it too! I was just like whoa, that doesn’t only work in Utah ha-ha. I was just dying the whole day though, could not believe he would try something like that, even crazier that she accepted it.
Anyways, love y'all. Have a good week.


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