Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hi Mom,

So I am glad y'all celebrated my birthday at least. I didn't do anything really. A member family bought me a cake but that was about it. It was super cool though in church yesterday because I had told the bishop it was going to be my birthday and he literally told everyone. The entire ward was just telling me happy birthday and stuff. It was just kind of sweet to have really caring members. I don't know it's super hard to explain how it was. My comp  found out this week he is going to train.  But I don't really mind, I am excited for my changes, I have had plenty of time here in this area. It will be great for something new. 

We had a really cool pday today. We went as a zone up to the park on the mountain above my area, Baul, and got to hang up out there. It was cool, this is a good zone I am going to leave a lot of my friends. But like I said, it's time. 

About S, that's so crazy! They live across the street now though? I had no idea she was going on a mission, remember she drove home with Alex and I last year for Thanksgiving. That's cool though y'all should find her email for me, I would like to send her an email and see how she is doing. Also there is a sister missionary in our ward that is also in Guate? Uh you had never said anything to me about that before... where is she? I can't believe that T is still on his mission too. I thought he left way before I did. Either way he gets home in March though, yeah that will be here super quick. I still can't believe we're in December now though. My year mark is next week. That's super weird.

I got Grandma Morrow's package a few weeks ago but other than that I still haven't gotten anything. I am going to get my Christmas package for y'all off today. I finally got all the things I had been looking for. I miss the Luminarias. They don't really do anything here as far as decorations or traditions go. It just doesn't feel really like December. It's way too hot to be december. 

The Christmas devotional was really cool last night though, that made for a pretty good b-day gift. It was a little surreal thinking though that I was there in person last year. I loved the messages. President Eyring is just way too good. We watched it in spanish so you don't really get all of the emotion with a translator, but even still he had me on the edge of tears. I thought the little chest thing that he had made was really cool. 
That guy knows how to give good gifts that's for sure. 

Well, I love you guys, Im looking forward to be writing you from a new area next week. 
See ya,

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