Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Slacker Missionary

We woke up a little earlier today to go down to the travel offices and find out if we were delayed or not. The people there didn’t know (of course) whether or not we were leaving so they told us they would let us know by the end of the day what was going on. I’m pretty sure we are still delayed, just with the holiday and everything it has been pretty chaotic.

I am finally getting my hair cut today, not cutting it before I left was a little bit of a bad idea. It is way to long haha. I look like the slacker missionary big time right now. My suit doesn’t match my pants and I have long, bed head, hair, and a little bit of black scruff on my chinny chin chin. I can’t wait to grow a beard when I get home. I feel like being a missionary has already made me more of a man. I’m pretty sure right when you get your nametag you instantly grow more chest/facial hair. But its p-day right? Who cares?

It is so nice not being the new district anymore. I went in to the other room that has the new district today, (different zone but they are in the class next to us) and just asked how they were all doing, they had just taught their first lesson, in Spanish, haha I remember that day, I was sweating bullets by the end of it. It is so frustrating because you know exactly what you want to say but your missing one or two vital words in order for it to make any sense.

I remember Alex talking about how it was stupid for Spanish Elders complaining about being frustrated about learning Spanish and he was saying how hard Korean is. I get Korean would be really ridiculously hard to learn, but Spanish can be so so so frustrating, because you feel like you should know what to say, because the language is so similar, but your missing just one little piece you know you should know, but you just cant quite get it right. That is frustrating. At least with Korean they don’t expect you to be fluent with the language, with Spanish you have like three or four months to be fluent or you’re an idiot.

 There is a teacher here who on his mission could not understand Spanish for 16 months, his MTC president had a PhD is Spanish and was a translator for General Authorities, and he told this missionary he had a learning disorder, and he would never learn Spanish. He said his whole mission, every day was the worst day of his life, until the day he got called to train, he said he prayed all night, and that morning he woke up and they started tracting, and all of the sudden it clicked and he spoke perfect Spanish. He swore on his life it was the gift of tongues. Pretty cool story I thought. 

I rocked my door approach practices yesterday though. All of our teachers say that I am a very intimidating missionary haha. They say I pound on the door and basically force my way in. I don’t feel like I’m doing that but I have yet to have a practice end in a door being shut in our face. My comp and I are the only ones in the district that can say that. My teacher always tells me I'm going to be huge compared to everyone down there also, so I figure I might as well intimidate these small Guatemalans into the gospel.
The thought of four more weeks in the MTC here is a little scary. I have only written in my journal a few times while I’ve been here because I feel like every single day is exactly the same so I never have anything new to say. It is so weird, the love/hate relationship you have with this place, it is like one minute you feel like you just absolutely can’t stand to be for here for another second, then the next minute you think I could be here for 12 weeks and love it, then the next minute your passed out face down on your desk. I have yet to fall asleep in class actually, really proud of myself.

Please post to the blog and tell everyone thanks who has sent me an email or letter. I have a ton of letters written, but I have been waiting to send them because I haven’t gotten my pictures back from the bookstore and I was going to put a few into every letter. Thanks for all the pictures, I love pictures. Alex and Da Young are looking super cozy in all the of the Christmas photos. Did he buy a ring yet?? I still would like some nice basketball shorts, and some Paul Cardall music, that would be greatly appreciated.
I love you guys,
talk to you soon
-Elder Morrow

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