Monday, December 26, 2011

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad!

As a little Christmas Surprise we get time to email our families. They didn’t tell us this until today though because they didn’t want elders setting up a time for them to email back and forth.

Wow. I was a little disappointed to wake up this morning and not see any presents, and find out for sure that the big man actually isn’t real. I was still holding out just a little bit, thinking it could still be a possibility, but my dreams of Santa have now all been entirely crushed. However, the big man upstairs did not let us down. I can quite easily say that I am spiritually full. Today and last night have both been amazing. Last night we had just a regular day until after dinner and then we had a musical/fireside and watched one of the older versions of A Christmas Carol. I loved it. It was so so so much better than the Hollywood style ones I have seen previously. It was in color but the movie was still really old. Then we kind of had a sleep over and gift exchange. I took a bunch of pictures that I will try and get sent to ya'll, but it was actually a lot of fun. We had like 12 elders sleeping in one room about the same size of my dorm room. Then this morning we woke up and I had to go to some district leader meetings, afterwards we went and watched the Christmas MoTab concert. Right after that was the amazing part however. Elder Bednar came and gave THE best talk I have ever heard in my life. His wife talked first for like five minutes, and she was wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater I have ever seen. It was glorious. Lauren would have been so jealous. Then Elder Bednar talked for like and hour and twenty minutes, I was just kind of taking notes mostly just listening to him, I looked down at the end of his talk and I had written 8 full pages of notes in my notebook. Absolutely unbelievable. You really can feel the spirit he has just by being with him in the room. There were 2,120 missionaries in one room listening to his message. It was pretty powerful.

We have some free time now and another movie tonight. Otherwise Christmas seems like it’s finally over. The time here just keeps flying by. I am so excited to leave for Guatemala. We are not entirely sure what is going on with that because this guy came and talked to us and told us we were delayed on leaving, but then the next day we got our travel plans in the mail, which means they bought us plane tickets, and when we went to ask them why that had happened, the travel offices were closed, we will go try again tomorrow and see if we can find anything out before we email again on Tuesday.

 To answer some of your questions mom, I did get your Dear Elder, Thank you So much. Nice to get a little mail.

As for my district, my companion is the only other elder going to Qeutzaltenango, two other elders are going to Guatemala City Sur (they did not get delayed, don’t know why), and there is a trio where one is going to NY NY Sur, one to Santa Rosa California, and one to Dallas Texas. There are four Hermanas in the district, two are going to Chile, one is going to Tucson, and the other Dallas Texas. In my room there are 6 elders, the other 4 are in the same district going to Paraguay and they have been here for 6 weeks.

I got Alex's package, tell him thank you for the sandals, the basketball shorts though are not what I needed. I need some actual basketball shorts, not light short running shorts. When I play basketball they come up and my g's are sticking out from the bottom, like I said, not a good look. I need some long heavy ones that wont ride up or show my Celestial apparel. I got Grandma's and the Behrmann’s (sweet tie btw) packages, tell them both thank you so much for me. I also got the girls’ letters. Wendy and Bree's were hilarious, they made absolutely zero sense. Bree was talking about like an earthquake or something, and then about her Christmas party, totally didn’t get the point she was trying to make there. Either way, I loved hearing from them.

Yeah I was really surprised also when I ran into Jayson but I see him like 3 or 4 times a week, which has been really cool, always, good to see familiar faces here. I have one request. Paul Cardall. His music is amazing. I need all of it. Anything you can find, we got to listen to it yesterday and I almost started crying just to hear the sound of music, but his music is absolutely amazing.

There are a few rumors swirling around here I would love to get some answers to
First- did Kim Jon IL or whatever die? If so, that makes for a Christmas miracle.
Second- I heard about Heaps going to Kansas, should be a good fit for him, I would also like a detailed report on all the bowl games scores.
Thirdly- I heard David Archie is going to Chile or something on a mission, Can you confirm? That would be a really amazing thing for him to do.
Lastly, and most importantly- Did Chris Paul get traded to the Clippers? Could this be the year they beat the Lakers?

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas, I would like a detailed report on Christmas presents this year, what all did everyone get? And what’s up with Da Young and Alex? Is she back and are they dating? If so do they kiss? If you answered yes to all those questions, gross. Just kidding, but he wrote on his package from Alex and Da Young so I was a little curious.
Tell everyone I love them and miss them, I’ll be on Tuesday morning again.
-Elder Morrow

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