Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saying Farewell, or Adios, Vaya Con Dios!

Wednesday morning Adam was set apart as a missionary by President Monson (President Monson's son) He was Adam's Stake President for his YSA sounds pretty impressive though doesn't it? President Monson gave Elder Morrow a beautiful blessing full of amazing promises and it gave me, the mom, much comfort to my heart. Elder Morrow was blessed to have his Father, Grandfather and big brother Alex all stand in for his setting apart and blessing.

Before heading down to the long lines for drop off we pulled up to the Temple across the street from the MTC and took a few photos and a few deep breaths.

That look on his face seems a little like nerves but it was just Adam being a goof. He kept swearing he wasn't nervous and based on how much he ate at lunch I would say he was telling the truth.

We drove down to our assigned number ( I think it was 22 out of at least 100) and unloaded all Adam's earthly possesions (at least for the next two years). Hard to believe you can fit it all in two suitcases.

When it was time for the hugs we all got a bit teary.

We had time for one last smile.....

Then Adam and his escort picked up his bags....

       ........and he was off.  We could hear him chatting with his escort and we watched him walk away. He never looked back..... I didn't think he would. : )

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