Monday, December 26, 2011

Change in Travel Plans

Hey Mom,
Well...I have some bad news the Guatemala CCM is over capacity and they delayed the arrival of the Quetzaltenango and El Salvador Missionaries three weeks. That just means I am going to be here in Provo for the next five weeks, and then we will finish up three weeks in the CCM. Kind of a major bummer but, what can you do, right?
With this being the case, I really need a few things. I really need you to send me another suit coat. I only have the one and you have to wear one every day so its a little hard just rotate wearing the grey coat with my three grey pants. I cant get it dry cleaned for another couple of weeks too so I cant just wear the one forever. Just send me a dark blue or preferably black one of dad's or that one that I sent home with you guys. Also, I really want my nice high top grey Nike basketball shoes that I also sent home with you guys. They were in like a little black Nike zip bag, ill just ship them home to you when I leave here. If you could get those sent out tomorrow I would love you forever. I will love you forever anyways, but regardless.

Also holy cow tell people to write/email/dear elder me. You are the only one sending me anything, and seriously? Its Christmas week and I'm lonely, tell everyone I need some love too. It’s really depressing seeing everyone else get tons of mail and I haven’t gotten anything in a few days other than your dear elder. I sent you and dad both letters yesterday so hopefully you get those soon.

This week has been amazing and it has been really hard at the same time already. The loneliness has started to settle in as all I have to look forward to is a Christmas in a cramped room, with a few good talks and hours to write letters to brighten my day. I took a picture with Jayson today and then sent in my card in to make a cd, he asked that you email the photo of us to Dayna for him. Thanks Mom. Tell everyone that I love them and I say hi. I’m trying my best to make this a positive situation and I would really appreciate a little more support. (Not from you of course, your doing great, just from everyone else)

Pray for me, I'm praying for all of you. Let me know in a dear elder tomorrow (we get those the day of, at 6pm) what happens, Ill do my best to answer your questions via letter, but if not ill talk to you next Tuesday when I can email again.
-Elder Morrow

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