Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey Moms, 

First of all, D made the football team at byu?! Holly crap. I had goose bumps just reading that. What a stud. Also that J is qb1! That makes me so happy you have no idea. I always loved that kid. I remember one day we were practicing defense so I was out doing my thing, and J was waiting to get some snaps as back up qb on the scrubs team. I remember I kind of walked over to him and was like hey, you should get some reps at corner with us on defense since the qb (or the kid who was the qb) was taking snaps. He just looked me in the eyes and said, no I'm going to be starting qb one day, so I need the practice here. I was just kind of like uhhh whoa a-ight ha-ha but didn’t really believe him. But the kid got it. I have never been so happy to have someone prove me wrong. I have goose bumps right now, another stud.

I am just here in the last week of this change. Yeah it wasn’t just you, this change went by fast, really really fast. Maybe it’s because I really love my comp, I have been praying one of us doesn’t have changes but I am pretty sure he is out. He is almost pulling 6 months here in this area.

We played soccer today against another zone and saw Elder V again. I love that kid, my comp from the CCM. He says he is dying right now because he still can’t speak Spanish. In his first area they just spoke Mam, and now he is in an area where they only speak Quiche. Such a bummer ha-ha, I literally have zero problems with Spanish, its weird to think.

Only one thing crazy happened this week, but trust me, it was CRAZY. We were walking on Saturday and one of our investigators runs around the corner of the street and starts talking to us, but he is acting really really weird. His last name is R but we just call him chompipe, which is rooster here, and he is just a crazy crazy guy in the first place. He was like showing us his facebook a few weeks ago, his facebook name is Arkon Lance, like I have no idea why he calls himself that, but he does. He is so weird. Anyways he runs up to us and is talking really really fast but just gibberish, like nothing that makes sense, and then he is like ohhhh I have been drinking today, but we are pretty sure he was on drugs, because drunk people were not acting like this guy was acting, he was tripping on something crazy. Anyways, while this is going on, our most positive investigators, this 18-year-old kid, B, and his 15-year-old sister (the ones from the photo with the cake last week or so) turn around the corner on the other side of the street. He kind of whistles at us and yells ¨hey, Mormons!¨ at us, and then puts his hand up in the air and waves. Chompipe, who was standing next to us just kind of stops talking for like ten seconds and then starts running across the street towards B, just runs up to him from behind and cold clocks him straight in the jaw, then he just starts throwing punches at this kid and everything, then he starts trying to like karate kick him and stuff. When my comp and I realize what’s going on were just like uhhhhhh, and run over and hold this guy back and were just yelling at him calm down what the freak are you doing!?! He starts yelling at B that he did the equivalent of flipping him off. Here if you flip someone off they will have no idea what that means, like the middle finger. Here its like.... if your playing rock-paper-scissors and you play paper, that is the hand signal for ¨your mom¨. But its suuuuper suuuuuper offensive. We were trying to explain to this drugged out investigator of ours that he never did that, but he was just waving to us. He was just like of like no, he gave me the your mom, he gave me the your mom. He also had some books and stuff in his hands, he just hands me his books, and then runs away. Just books it out of there, gone. We were just like, uhhhhh what just happened. Like we couldn’t even believe that that had just happened. We were talking with B and he was just like, yeah I am fine. Took those punches like a champ. Kind of had a bloody lip but was fine. Later that night we found out the members who had given us the reference for B talked to him and he told them what happened. This member was so mad that he went out to find this guy to beat him up. He is lucky he didn’t find him too because the member is a big mean dude ha-ha.  Anyways, were not exactly sure what were going to do about this all now, I still have this guys books and stuff, but uhhh kind of scared to go visit him ha-ha. B came and played soccer with us this morning, he seems like all back to normal so that’s good. 

As for the letters, since I haven’t gotten a letter in the last 9 months from anyone other than dad and the girls, I hate being so pessimistic buuuut, I will see it when I believe it. I have been getting all of those though, papa che always gives me the spiritual lift I need with a mission story, and the girls give me comic relief with their letters. One of Bree’s letters I got  a while ago starts out Dear Alex, then she scratched out Alex with one line and wrote Adam beneath it, then when she finished her letter it said, ¨I love you Adaam¨, she was so close to spelling my name right ha-ha, sooo close.

I am still sick, nothing super crazy just boo, and lots of it. They finally figured out what was wrong with my comp, he has some kind of bacteria called H Pylori or something like that, he has to take pills every day for 40 days. Whoa. Anyways, that’s what’s going on here. Love you guys, have a good week. 


P.S. Is it bad I fasted this week for Mitt Romney to win the election? Are them some kind of rules against that or something?

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