Friday, September 7, 2012


Hey moms,
Not a whole lot to report on this week, the only day that anything exciting happened was Saturday. We finally had a baptism. She was this really old lady of a family that just got baptised a few weeks ago. So it was a little bit of a freebie, but eh, I'll take what I can get. The bishop told us he was going to go in the morning and fill up the font for us, but at three o clock when we were eathing lunch he called me and told me he had forgotten and asked us if we could go.  So we left, running in order to have it all ready to go before the baptism all started. While my comp and I were just sitting there waiting for the font to fill we checked to see if the heater was working, aaaaand just like everthing else in this country, it was broken. We started to panic a little bit because the lady told us she would only get baptised if the water was really hot. So for the next few hours we were filling up water in pots and boiling it on the stove in the church and throwing it in the font. Since we were a little busy we called the zone leaders and asked them if they could stop by the house of the lady and bring her here. They had been there multiple times and knew the family well so they said that they could do that no problem. They called us like a minute before the baptism started and were like uhhhh sorry we were running a little late. We can't go get them. My comp and I were dying, just nothing was going right haha. But then like two minutes later the whole family walked in and then everything went fine. I will admit I had three mini heart attacks in three hours, but she did get baptized, so thats the good news haha. She is such a sweet old lady, she is 58 years old. It was just crazy because she looks like she is about 70 something. She had her first kid at 15, never learned how to read, nothing. Just a really simple hard life. On sunday my comp and I and the Bishop confirmed her, afterwards she had the biggest smile on her face and just tears streaming down. Made me so happy to see someone like that so happy. Its hard to see the lives of people here sometimes, always humbles me a little bit. But when I can see that I've helped them in someway, usually miniscule, makes things a lot better for me. 

As for the work gloves...I gave them to a member. I dont need them, I can deal with blisters, they are out working in the field a lot more than I am. I am really really looking forward to this package though. I'll have to beg the zonies to go and check if the mail came this week or not.

That's crazy Liv is driving. Remember the first time you let me drive and I hit the curb right in front of 7/11 and you started freaking out on me haha. I always remembered that when I drove by there, every single time. You scarred me haha. I still just can't picture her being old enough to drive though. That is a strange thought. Also funny that you mention you think I am going to live in Denver. I have always kind of had that in the back of my mind as the place I would like to go, big surprise right? No I really really do love it there, all the mountains and what not, that would be prime country for me. I always loved going there with pops, some good memories. Ski trip December 2013? Ummmmmm...

As for the earthquake, that is the first thing I have heard about it, we didnt feel anything. Also there is a giant volcano inbetween us and the coast so I am pretty sure we're safe and sound here. Nothing dangerous ever really happens here, its a pretty safe and secluded area of the country. No need to worry moms. My comp is still pretty sick, turns out it wasnt amoebas or parasites, so its probably some type of infection, well probably have to go see the doctor this week sometime but we havent really found out anything new just yet. I am a little sick right now, but nothing out of the ordinary, just lots of boo. Its really not that bad, the whole mission has it and you just get used to it, part of life here haha. I haven't been taking the brewers yeast, sorry, I left it somewhere in the midst of my million changes. I will be alright without it I am sure. I am still alive and haven't been taking it for the last 6 months or so so.....

Anyways, not much to update you guys on this week, one more week and we find out about changes and all, so I will let you know soon but not just yet, hopefully  Im sticking around here for a few more changes, I have settled in nicely. Love you guys, have a good week. 

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