Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey Mom,
So M is going to Puerto Rico? I will be honest I have met a few people that are from there and the Spanish doesnt sound like Spanish, it sounds like a giant black guy with a mouth full of peanut butter speaking Spanish. All the islanders, it's so weird how they speak, like the DR and cuba and those places. Should be cool though, crazy hot and lots of rice I'm sure. I also knew T was home, he has been writing me lately, I love that kid, crazy to think he is already home. I got your package this week. I have already read the book twice and almost have the scriptures all marked and ready to go, I have been praying that a j-dub trys to talk to me, or a catholic, I am all ready to machete someone. Also I am flea bite free, looks like the collars work. 

So changes are here, I am going to pick up my first born in the wilderness at the mission home tomorrow. My comp is out and I am training. They called me last Monday night, so my comp has been kind of dying this week. It's super hard when you know that you have changes. But yeah this week we didn't get a whole lot done. I am a little nervous to be training somebody in the area I am in right now. Its a tough area because its sooooo small. And we got banned from contacting. But all new missionaries think the whole mission is just knocking doors for two years, so I will probably have to let him get some practice in and find some places to contact a little bit. Also I am so nervous because it's something so different. Trainers leave an imprint of how someones entire mission will go. So that's a lot of pressure. 

On friday we had a little training meeting with all the people who are going to train and it was just the AP's and president telling us that for two or three hours. Well, I am not exactly sure of all the things that they said, it was raining soooo hard, we couldnt really hear anything. There is a patio at the mission home where they do most of the meetings so we were outside, I dont think I have every seen it rain so hard. So to answer your question about rainy season, yeah it's still here... everyone says untill the end of October-ish is when it's done raining. So not too much longer. 

The training program now is a twelve week thing, so I will be in this area for two more changes at least. If I leave after the twelve weeks, that sunday before changes is my 20th birthday. That hit me this week, I am turning 20 haha, that makes me feel so old, but at the same time, really young. Everyone says some of the fastest changes in your mission are when you're training, so that should be nice, pass some time pretty fast. Kind of strange to think about that. 

Anyways, thanks for the package and everything, I don't know what Alex and Dayoung are talking about, I replied to both of their emails. It's just kind of hard now to be able to repy to anyone, they keep cutting back on our email times so I just honestly don't have time to reply to everyone. People were abusing internet time so yeah, sorry. But even if it was small, that's the best I could do. As for Liv doing the same thing that I did, I would say go for it. It was sooo worth it. BYU is a so beyond FHS, it's a waste of time to be in FHS. She is smart and mature enough to do it. Did you also realize if she does that she will start the semester I get home too, so it's not like she will be up there alone. And I will be able to beat up any of the zoobs that try and marry her. Oh and the A quote literally killed me. If my kids aren't that cool I will be super disappointed.
Love you all, talk to you next week

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