Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hey Moms, 
Byu lost to the U? Thats such a bummer. I hadnt heard anything about that but yeah, never fun to lose to them. At least I dont have to worry about another elder giving me crap for that though. I dont know anyone that went to the U or that is planning on going afterwards here. Mostly Utah State and Byu. 

As for the volcano in Antigua, we heard about it but we didnt feel it or get any ash. That's pretty far away so I dont think its going to be a problem. The volcano here in Xela is dormant, and the next closest is in Rheu and its on the other side of the volcano here, so if it blows up everyone in Rheu dies but the volcano here will block everything and nothing will happen here in Xela. People are always talking about this kind of stuff here, and with 2012 coming up, its kind of crazy here. It's alright if the world ends though, I'd say this is probably the most righteous I will be in my life so come what may.

As for my child, remember the episode of saturday night live where Will Ferrill is born as a full grown man? That's my child... just not funny like Will Ferrill. His name is Elder V, he is from Peru, and he turned 26 during his last day in the MTC. Yeah he is crazy old haha. He is a nice guy and all, but he is a 26 year old single adult. I literally have a full grown man as a comp. It's super weird sometimes. He is super quiet, but he always tells me that he wants to ¨do something fun like knock doors all day.¨ I get a little worried sometimes, I think I am going to work him too hard, when we get to the house at night he is toasted. I just can't imagine how hard that would be though, to think that when he gets home from his mission, he will be two weeks away from turning 28 years old. Woah.

I need to be careful too because he graduated from college doing something with computers. He always tells me that when he was home he liked to create viruses and break into peoples banks accounts just for fun. He told me a few nights ago that there are two kinds of computer hackers in the world, there are jedi and there are sith, but he told me not to worry because he is a ¨jedi computer hacker¨. That he would use his computer hacking to do good, so he is like a latino computer superman. But maybe it would be a good thing, I am still a little unsure what exactly he ment by doing good with his hacking skills, but if he can steal me a couple million dollars or something I wouldn't complain. I am scared to tell the dude what my full name is now...haha.

Other than that this week was really really slow. It was Independance day here last Saturday and there is like a state fair thing going on. But our area was literally a ghost town on Saturday. We knocked doors for hours because we had zero appointments hoping to give my comp a little bit of practice. But litterally not a single person came out. We knocked doors for hours, and nobody even answered the door to tell us no. Just nothing to do. We got a new gringo zonie here now, and one of the other gringos that just went home left me his lebron basketball shoes, so we played basketball this week for p day. I hate soccer haha, I am so tired of playing soccer, but one of the churches here has a really nice indoor basketball court so I am definately going to be taking advantage of that. Also playing basketball against a bunch of short latinos is great for a little confidence boost. But that was basically the whole week, kind of rough. Anyways, I love you guys, have a good week, tell Taftypoo hi for me.

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