Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey moms.
First of all, Matt and Hillary are getting married? What? Thats so crazy haha. They definately knew eachother before he left though, I remember they were dating a little bit. I cant believe he has been home that long though, that was crazy fast. Preston, Aaron, all those guys, thats so weird to think that they are already home, but at the same time I am closing in on 8 months, almost a third of the way done. Also Landon's almost a man too, that will be so cool. Vegas though in August, that kid's going to get absolutely roasted out there walking all day every day. Sunscreen, lots of sunscreen. But did you guys give him my email address? Because uhhhh, he didnt email me yet haha. 

As for the fleas they are almost managable now, I just douse my bed every day with insectiside and pray really hard before I go to bed. I'm getting better at killing them too. I sleep with sweats and then have to tuck my sweats into my socks (super attractive, I know) so the fleas aren't free to just crawl all over my legs. But they still get in sometimes. I will just be laying in Big Agnes (tell dad I take back everything I ever said. I am a believer now) and I will feel one start jumping on my leg. So I will stick my hand down my sweats and just wait for it to jump by my hand, then I can usually just get it pinned to my leg and pinch it to death. I have actually gotten pretty good at it and its almost a game. The most I have gotten in one night is three, but some nights I dont even feel them. They haven't been biting me as bad lately. It's just kind of annoying to try and fall asleep when you have little bugs jumping up and down on your legs. I just looked back and re-read through that bit there, sometimes I feel like if I wasn't actually the person living my life right now I wouldn't even believe it...I am not opposed to the flea collar idea though, the books too, dont forget the books.

As for the home thing with Aaron, just know you will never get a call from someone here like that for me. I couldn't care less if I was going home to New Mexico or not. All I know is the second I am going home I am making snow angels on the floor of the airport. Home is not New Mexico, home is the greatest country on earth, all 50 states of it. 

As for here, this is the last week of the changes, keep your fingers crossed that I don't get the call again. :/ We didnt really have a whole lot going on so we have just been contacting people like crazy trying to find new people to teach. We found about 30 people in the last two weeks which is a ton. The mission goal is to get 6 "news" a week so were doing a little better than that. We found one guy that I thought for sure was going to be a baptism too. We were kind of running to another appointment and just breifly talked to him. He told me if I could find a scripture in the bible that says why we baptize in the name of the Father, Son,  and HG he would get baptized. So we showed him in Mathew where Jesus tells the disciples to do that, and he was just like, "no, you have to show me an example of someone actually physically being baptized where it said that". I was just,  "uhhh, there isnt one. If your looking for one you will never find it, because it does not exist." Then he was just like well, I am not going to do it then. I tried to explain to him that Jesus himself said that, so it obviously has to be done like that, but he was too caught up on the fact there is no specific verse that says that so its not true. I wanted to tell him there is no specific verse that says you can't shoot anyone in the face with a gun either, but everyone knows you still can't do that. People.... sometimes mom... so frustrating. Another thing that gave me a good laugh this week too is there is a kid here leaving on his mission. He asked me if I knew any good missionary scriptures. Jokingly I told him to use Alma 10:4. They passed out announcements for his farewell on sunday and he actually decided to use it as his mission scripture, look it up, that will give you a good laugh. Other than that though, can't believe this is the last week of the change. So fast, two more and I am hitting the year mark. That's nice. Also everywhere we go there are puppies, that always brightens my day a bit. Anyways, I love you guys, have a good week.

ps send more photos

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