Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey mom,
Well...Like 20 minutes after I emailed you guys on Thursday I got a phone call from the Zonies. I got changed again ha-ha. There are a bunch of guys going home early this change so they have to close more areas and move some more people around. My comp got changed to another area in Quiche called Jeh√≥va, but I am now in Olintepeque, which is in one of the Xela zones but its up on the mountains above Xela. Yeah, it has been super hectic lately, I feel bad for President ha-ha. That would be so frustrating to figure out all these changes and stuff. But, some good news, I finally got put with a gringo ha-ha. I will be honest I never thought that it would actually happen. It’s really kind of weird actually. It just feels like I have been on divisions, not like he is actually my comp. His name is Elder McGrath and he is from San Diego.

It is a little strange too because I am finishing training him. His trainer got changed to be a zone leader in Huehue so now I am here doing that. I forgot how amazing English is. Kind of random though, his first name is Adam also, and his dad served in Buenos Aires, Argentina also. When I found that out I was just kind of like, huh what are the odds ha-ha.

It’s been super fun; we kind of just walk around lost in our area though. It’s way up in the mountains and it’s where the people are all just corn farmers. With it being rainy season and all, the corn stalks are all like 8 feet high so we can never see anything. There are some roads and city parts but for the most part we are just trying to get house-to-house walking the trails that weave in and out of the corn mazes.

It’s super different being with a gringo though. Since both of us can play the guitar we were getting ready for a baptism for some other elders yesterday and we were just like, hey, we should play and sing a song with the guitar for the baptism. We got it on video, I will try and get it uploaded sometime and send it to you guys.

Also we had to kick a drunk guy out of church yesterday ha-ha. The church building in our area is two stories and the upstairs is just the chapel, so we were sitting in sac mtg and my comp just turns around and is like, crap, not this guy again. I turn around and there is this guy that you can just tell is hammered drunk. He has like weeds and dirt and plants sticking out of his hair and vomit all over his clothes. I was just like, great, so we walk over to the guy and he basically just starts yelling at me. So I just kind of grab his arm and start dragging him down the stairs. He was swearing so bad ha-ha. My comp afterwards was kind of like, uhhh what was he saying? I was just thinking to myself, you might not want to write those words down elder. But we kind of had to drag him out to the street. He could barely walk and he was just asking me where I was from and stuff. So I told him I was American. He didn’t like that very much. He kept saying that he was pure Guatemalan so he is better than me. Then he said some very unfriendly words about you. Here if you tell someone ¨your mom¨ and then stick out your hand like if you were going to give them a handshake, it’s like the equivalent of saying the f word and flipping you off. After that you could say I kind of lost my patience ha-ha. My comp was pretty oblivious to what was going on and he kept saying to me in English, lets just go sit him down in one of the classrooms in the church so he calms down. I was just like uhhh no. Not a chance I am going to let this drunk idiot throw up and urinate all over the church after he just insulted my sweet mother. So we eventually just kicked him out and he stumbled off. Hate drunk people.

I loved the DR quote ha-ha, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes. Its not hell, but very very close sometimes. I can’t believe Preston is home. That is sooo crazy. I remember when he left, that was soooo fast. I haven’t heard anything about these fires and stuff, all my emails this week people are talking about them, maybe you guys have forgotten but uhhh, I am in Guatemala remember? I don’t get news about the US...
Anyways, I love you guys, talk to you next week.

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