Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding email 4-30-12

Hey Moms,
First of all, what...? You guys made a cardboard cut out of me? Like you can actually do that? There are literally places in this world where you can go and make a cardboard cut out of just anyone? You guys are so weird ha-ha. The pics looked awesome though, wish I could have been there. I am so baggy :(

Also what’s up with Jonah? Looks like a straight scrub. His hair is so so long. But yeah, good to see all the photos and everything. I am sure it was awesome. It was just kind of another usual week here, not much going on. We find out if we will have changes this week or not so that will be good, I am fine with another change where I am, but I am also good with getting sent out of here, whatever works really. Its all Guat wherever I go I guess.

To answer your questions, hot water does not exist here. There are no such things as water heaters. To shower some of the houses have these weird things you attach to the pipes and it warms it up for you. For my first 7 or 8 weeks the one we had did not work, but a little while ago we got it changed out, so yeah I am one of the few lucky guys who can shower with hot water. Some of the houses don’t have showers and they just splash water on themselves from the pila, (a giant Guatemalan sink thing that all the houses have).

I haven’t really had problems from fleas in a really long time, but I have problems with spiders I think. I get really nasty bites every now and then, they are really big and red and blister really bad, but I am alright I guess, everyone says that after a while your blood just looses all nutritional content and the bugs leave you alone after that. I have actually been really healthy though, not really that sick, but yeah even my perfect immune system takes some hits every now and then.  I haven’t had any days in bed or anything so I guess that’s good. Ha-ha, BU, is really pronounced boo, its sounds really similar too its meaning actually. Its just what we say for extreme diarrhea, which is kind of a pain to say in Spanish, so boo is just a lot easier. But yeah, boo is a mission wide epidemic, that’s all you want to know ha-ha.

Haven’t really found anything out about calling, apparently the AP´s are going to send an email with the instructions and stuff. It’s kind of hard to tell and all right now because I feel like I am getting changed and don’t really know where I will be when I am calling so I guess we will see. We actually have a phone in the house. It works kind of like a cell phone.  You don’t have to plug it in the wall or anything but its a house phone, it has a cord and all. So I am sure we will just call you and then you will just call the number back so the mission doesn’t pay for it. So you might want to buy a calling card or something. The Lats all call on the 10th, but we (Norte’s) call the 12th so I shouldn’t be rushed for time or anything since my comp calls the 10th. I am sure they will let us know this week though. And for right now no, we don’t have access to a church, they are building a capilla in my area, but we have to come into one of the buildings in Huehue for church, like 30 minutes away, so that is kind of a pain.

This  week was good, really fast, this next week should be fast too because we have a lot of awesome things planned, hopefully I will be on divisions with my gringo dl for like the whole week ha-ha. And with it being the last week of the change and everything, hopefully it goes fast.

Something this week that was really cool, since I knew on Saturday I would be suuuper trunky, we decided to make a cake for one of our investigators. It was soooo much more difficult than I could have imagined ha-ha. We don’t have an oven, or anything to bake the cake in, so finding a member with those was quite an adventure, took a few hours actually ha-ha. But we finally found them both, the baking pan was what we were really struggling to find, but eventually got it all figured out. Took like 5 hours to make this cake, also, I was the only one that had any idea what to do. So weird to think that something so simple like baking, just doesn’t exist here, like what? The member we were with didn’t even know how to start her oven, which was a gas oven, so I had no idea how to use it either without blowing up the whole house, took a while but we got it. I will send some pics; it actually turned out really awesome.

But anyways, I got to go, sorry not a ton to report on this week. But the wedding email was great, made me laugh, made me cry, yep, but its good. Glad to hear it went so well. Also glad to hear that Payton caught the bouquet, just tell her I will be home in a year and a half ha-ha. She didn’t ask about me or anything did she? Did she? Probs not. Anyways, love you moms; you guys are ridiculous with the cardboard cutout ha-ha. So funny.

Love you guys, tell Alex and Dayoung congrats for me, talk to you next week.

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