Tuesday, April 17, 2012


That is sweet on Landon's mission call! I am soooo stoked for him. Yeah August is forever long to wait though, that would have killed me ha-ha. But he should love it.

We have had fun with the weather too lately, rain season has almost set in I think. We had some after effects from a hurricane this week too everyone was telling us. On Saturday we were up on the mountain and walking home from some visits and we got caught in some rain. I don’t know, rain might not be the word to describe it. Torrential downpour is a little more like it. The road was completely flooded, probably a good 6 inches of just water. No raincoat or umbrella so made for an interesting afternoon.

I can’t believe the wedding is here though, that’s so weird to think that my brother will be married when I get home. Just cant really wrap my mind around that.

This week the entire mission had the goal to contact 40 new people, and make return appointments with them. Which meant we basically had to contact all day every day. People will always talk to us here, but to get them to let us comeback is always a little tricky, especially since the whole world is ¨catholic¨. But, it was kind of fun actually to knock doors for the first time in my mission, made me think, what do missionaries in the states do all day everyday?

 Here missionaries are kind of like ward doctors, any kind of problem, call the missionaries. Bishop is fighting with his counselors, call the elders, the relief society president insulted the primary president because her tostadas just didn’t quite make it up the par on the taste scale, call the elders. So yeah, we just prevent the entire ward from going inactive, and then teach the references that the members give us. In the states there is no way the wards are like that, so what do the missionaries do all day? I don’t know? Contact I guess. So I felt almost like I normal missionary this week.

We did just about die though this Thursday. We were in this really kind of jungly area trying to find some houses to visit and stuff, and walked up to this one that was kind of up on a hill, we could see a man out on his patio and a few dogs laying there, so when we yelled up a buenas tardes to this guy, he didn’t even look around. So my comp yelled again and that very second like 10 huge dogs just came bolting out of the house. The guy didn’t even move, and these dogs were soooo mad. We are kind of running off, my comp was swinging his backpack and everything at one of them, and out of nowhere this 90 year old lady just runs out of some trees, swearing up a storm at these dogs (I definitely learned some new words ha-ha) and just starts beating these dogs with her walking stick. I have never heard so many swear words in such a small time. She absolutely was going to town on these dogs too, grandma was not happy. But we talked to her for a little bit, she didn’t want us to come back, I couldn’t really understand her, she only had 3 teeth. I feel like the story would have been a lot cooler if we ended up baptizing her, but nope ha-ha. She is catholic.
Anyways, that’s about all that I can remember that is newsworthy for the week. Les quiero, talk to you soon.
PS the one picture of me standing by the giant puddle, that’s the road.

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