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Well, this week was really kind of a waste. Pulled zeros in almost every single category, except baptisms and confirmations, but I will cover that in a bit. On Tuesday I was still on divisions with another Norte who is about to die, he has like 23 months I think, so he just wanted to go sight seeing in my area.

Fun little fact, I have the largest area in the mission. My area covers all of the Cuchamatons, this whole mountain range, and its giant, so I can basically go anywhere we want to on these mountains and it’s in my area, so naturally we decided to go to the top. We went to this little town called Mirador, and just kind of walked around. We road up in a micro bus, kind of like a van, and it took about 2 hours just to drive up this mountain, but it was really cool. We could see this really cool old style house and we wanted to go check that out so we hiked over to it. It was super sweet, there were these little kids that were playing in it and they told us that it used to be an American doctor that lived there. Super cool views though, I will send some pics.

After that, because its Semana Santa, the biggest holiday of the year here, we literally just went to house after house, appointment after appointment of nobody being home. Not a single person, no members, no investigators, nothing. So rough. Everyone leaves on vacation and stuff, none of the stores are open, and everyone else is just outside plastered drunk. Its awful ha-ha. We would just get yelled at by drunks everywhere we went.

I had to go down to Xela on Thursday for a Spanish examine (new missionary test, super easy) and we had to pay a "took-took" (little taxi things) like 100 quetzales to get us to Huehue because there wasn’t even busses from Chiantla to Huehue. Even the bus drivers go on vacation.

People are just straight delusional here too, we saw our neighbors one day and they were soooo excited to talk to us, they were just asking us if we were going to go see Jesus, we were just kind of like, what the heck are you talking about? And she literally tells me ¨Jesus is the in the Catholic church right now, you guys should talk to him, you guys believe in Jesus right?¨  I was just thinking to myself, 1) I walk around all day with a name tag that literally says in bold letters, Jesus Christ, yes I believe in Jesus...2) Of course when Jesus comes again, he is going to come to Chiantla Guatemala and just chill in a Catholic church all day. But these people literally believed that Jesus and his apostles were here.

Also, on Friday, the day of processions, they crucify him. Not even kidding, we weren’t allowed to leave the house because they crucify Jesus in Central Park. What? Where am I right now ha-ha? They all carry crosses around town all day, and then at night, they tie some guy to a cross in central park. I am pretty sure if the resurrected Christ came with the second coming and all, he is not going to willingly crucify himself again, right? I am not alone with that logic, right? So glad its over. But they don’t even celebrate Easter, Sunday is not even a holiday, they don’t even understand why Jesus got crucified, they just celebrate the crucifixion and not even the Resurrection, that’s the whole point and they don’t even celebrate it ha-ha, like if he died and wasn’t resurrected, what was the point of him dying?

This place needs a little bit more common sense. But Easter was great, since I went to Xela on Thursday, I got both of the Easter packages I had, one from you one from Heather, before Easter. Amazing, also kind of unheard of, actually got mail on time. And Grandma sending the peanut butter eggs? They were gone before I had even finished unpacking the rest of the stuff ha-ha. Soooo good, just tell her to have a platter of those ready for me when I get home, I would love to eat about a hundred of those straight off the airplane. But the package was awesome, thanks for all of that, great thinking with the tie, the Uno, and the candy. Wow, you’re the best.

We also had a little bit of an Easter miracle, we went and brought the lady and her family who was supposed to get baptized yesterday to church with us, and when we were waiting for the bus to come, her 18 year old daughter who had told us she wanted nothing to do with the church, even though she sat through every lesson and attended church every week for like two months, just walked up to me and said, ¨Elder Morrow, I have a question, can I get baptized today? Also can you do it? ¨ I might have heard a choir of angels start singing Halleluiah in the background, I am pretty sure a rainbow appeared behind her right after she said that too. I was just kind of dumbstruck, didn’t really know how to respond ha-ha. Just kind of told her uhhh, let me see what I can do, and I had the district leader come to our church building to do an interview during church, had the zonies bring us clothes, and yeah, baptized her ha-ha. Couldn’t believe it. Made for a really cool Easter though, always nice to be in the font.

Plus Conte came because the Mom wanted him to baptize her, so that was super awesome. It was sooo good to see him. He doesn’t really know what’s going on with his back and all just yet, so if he does go home early, it would be nice to end your mission on a baptism like that. Anyways, I have to go, les quiero, talk to you next week.

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