Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The new area is really awesome, it is really kind of crazy how big of a difference there is here from Huehue. I thought that I really loved Huehue when  I was there, but now that I have been here in Xela for a little bit, I would not be that sad if I never went back haha. It is really almost like being in the States, except everyone speaks spanish. There are a few poor people in my ward, but for the most part, people are straight loaded here. The area is actually really really big, and we share it with the zonies so that has been really fun because when we get invited by members to lunch or dinner we all go together. One of the zonies, is just a "good ol" Idaho boy. He has like 19 months or so, but he is just a really humble funny guy. The other Elder is from Honduras, his dad (trainer) is one of the APs right now, so he is a really really intense missionary and a really hard worker. I have gone on a few divisions with him so we could get a little more familiar with the area and everything, I was pretty impressed. He has about 10 months. My comp is from Honduras also and he has 19 months also. He is a good guy and a good missionary, but he is having some serious serious problems at home, like his mom and dad both died, things like that, and he is just suuuuper unmotivated. I basically have to beg to get him out of the house and all, but we actually got some good work done this week. It was a struggle at first but, eh, I just kind of decided that he is having a really hard time right now and I just need to be patient with him. If I just kind of lay out the plan of where we are going to go and what we are going to do I will get him out of the house. He is a biiig dude though. Probably about 5 foot nothing but like 275 pounds. When we teach he is really really good. We taught the Restoration to a family yesterday and I was really really impressed with his teaching. I almost cried haha, the spirit was pretty strong. Also it just made me think of the story that Dad had sent me last week, where they were teaching and some kid spit on his comps head. I dont think I would have every believed a story that rediculous before my mission, but now that I am here it wasnt even that big of a surprise. People here do some crazy things. haha. But the area is good. We are following an elder that just died and his comp that has like 20 something months in the mission, so yeah, they didnt leave us crap. We had seriously not a single investigator or less active family that we could teach, nothing. We cant even find the area folder either, so its basically starting from scratch. The house we live in suuuucks haha. Its super gross. From the toilet I can touch all of the walls in the bathroom, we also have plant growing under the sink which is kind of weird since the floor is cement, and there are no windows. We kind of have a flea problem too which makes it really hard to sleep at night when you feel like a hundred flees having a buffett on your legs. But, I think i got them all killed with some bug spray stuff. Also we dont have a sink to clean our dishes, just a pila, like a stone sink thing. But the problem is that slugs come out of the drain from the pila, so we always just have these giant slugs all over our house, dishes, food. Its great, but my comp refuses to go look for a new house because we pay like 600 quetz a month for rent, so I pay 300 quetz a month to live here, that is about...38 dollars a month for rent. Niiice.

I was dying with the birthday suit comment. I feel for Da young. I say stupid things all the time too. One time in Chiantla we were visiting with this family, and all people care about here is soccer, more specifically the league in Spain, and since the two best teams in the world are in that league, they just talk about these two teams. Real Madrid and Barcelona. So everyone always asks, ¨Que equipo le gusta?¨  which team do you like? But the real translation for le gusta is pleases you. So one time someone asks me who I liked and I said, ¨Barcelona, porque Messi(really popular player from Argentina.¨ And soooo, basically I said I liked this team because one of their best players ¨pleases me¨, and they all kind of started laughing and were like ¨Ooooh, porque le gusta Messi?¨ and I was just like...what the freak are you guys talking about, so I said ¨Porque me gusta Messi....uhhh porque su pelo (he has hair like Jonah)¨ like trying to be funny and stuff. The family just lost it, like they totally think I am gay for Messi, whoops. I was pretty embarrased. But yeah, birthday suit, classic mistake.

With the package and all, Moms, why are you such a freaky witch doctor? Like I already have to deal with all this crazy Guatemalan food, do I really want to roll the dice with some freaky plant suppliment? But so far the food here has been pretty much the same, Right before I got changed from Chiantla though, like my last meal there, holy crap, it was the same lady who had given us the cow stomach the time before, and we walk into this ladies house, and she is cutting up raw cow stomach, and she just put it in tomato and vinegar and served it to us like that. Yeah, I ate raw cow stomach. Why? Why do they eat that crap? Oh, Hunt also said that his mission banned the word crap haha. What a joke. But I think that is the run down for the week. Love you guys

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