Wednesday, May 9, 2012


All week I have just been laughing to myself about flat Adam. You guys are really weird.  I love the fact I am just chilling in the house still scaring dad though haha. Just put me in the shower or something so I am waiting for him in the morning.

But we got the transfer calls last night, my comp and I are both staying put for at least another change. But we are the only companionship in the whole zone that didnt have at least one change, so even though I didnt get changed it will be cool to have basically a whole new zone of people. I am excited to see what happens. Only one person is training in our zone but he is a Lat, so he should be training a gringo. That will be nice to no longer be the zone baby. I think my comp is the new district leader too, so that will be really cool. I will probably just be on divisions the whole change and we get a cell phone, that will be soooooo nice.

When you were talking about Molly, thats so weird, it just kind of really dawned on me that when I go home she wont be there. Dont replace her either. Nothing will ever replace my first love. That dog was an absolute garbage disposal. Think about it, what did we give to that dog that she could/would not eat. Maybe she was part goat or something. 

Also, loved the sacrament story, reminds me of something that happened in my ward here a few weeks ago. We usually sit on the first or second row in sac mtg, and everything was going normal. The priests here do the sacrament a little differently though, they always wait until the first verse of the song is over to start prepping the bread, and then they sing all of the verses of the songs so they have time to finish, like even the ones below the song, like verse 6 and 7. Its great, so yeah, one day they are doing this all normal, the first verse ends, and priests stand up and remove the cover of the table, no bread. The bishop just puts his head down and then swears really loud haha. Like everyone heard it too. The priests just kind of sit down and dont really know what to do. Guate is not really a country known for its problem solving skills, and everyone just keeps singing. Nobody gets up or does anything. The song ends and its just kind of like, well, what do we do now? The first counselor of the bishop eventually stands up and just walks out. Still everyone is just sitting in silence, nobody does anything. Then all the sudden some guy on the back row just yells out, ¨lets just sing again.¨ So the chorister just gets up and we sing the entire song over again, buuut, still no bread haha. So of course, we just sing the same song again. We sang it three times, all 6 verses and still nothing has happened. Finally after sitting in silence for another minute or two, the counselor runs back in and is all sweaty and out of breath. He has something in his hand. The priests just start busting up laughing and I couldnt exactly see what it was that they had. So we sang the same song one more time so they could brake the ¨bread¨, and they are just going about everything normal now. When the tray finally gets to me, I am just staring down at a broken oreo haha. We literally did the sacrament with oreos haha. Great times. I was just holding it in the whole meeting. Almost died laughing. Love this country.

Anyways, we had divisions for almost the whole week, Monday till Thursday, so I was in the area of my dl, it was great. On Tuesday we went to their appointments, the first one was this old lady that we were just going to visit and chop her wood for her. We walk up to the house and there are just a ton of people outside. So we just kind of mosey up and ask what is going on. This lady just looks at us, totally straight faced and just says.¨Oh, she died last night.¨ We are just kind of like, uhhh what are you talking about? She just starts explaining how their investigator had three heart attacks the night before and died, whelp, looks like she wont be progressing any more haha. 

So we left there and decided to go to their next appt, and  it's this family they found out in the middle of nowhere, and they had giving him a blessing to help him get over his alcholism, and the guy hadnt drank in like two weeks.  But we go to the appt and this guy is just absolutely plastered. Soooo drunk, and his wife is just livid.  I thought she was going to punch her husband. We had to calm her down a little because she was going nuts about how mad she was that he had stopped drinking and then just decided to go get drunk again today. So she goes back in the kitchen and starts making some stuff. She then invited us in to eat with them. She made some chicken soup stuff and we're eating that, and she just drops down this bowl of the biggest looking crawdads I have ever seen in my life. We technically arent allowed to eat sea food, its against mission rules, so I didnt eat it. But the Elder I was with just started eating them. He was just kind of eating and talking, and he asked her where they had bought these crawdads, and she just kind of laughs and says oh we didnt buy them, we just caught them out of the river. Let me explain a little, the people here, a lot of them don't have bathrooms. They just go in bucket things and then go clean them out in the rivers, this Elder was eating Crawdads from a river filled with feces. He just looked at me and started laughing, then in english so the lady wouldnt understand says, ¨I am going down so hard tonight.¨ Killed me haha, I lost it, I just started laughing soooo hard. Which is super offensive when your eating some poor Guatemalan lady's food. Oops. Hopefully she doesnt totally hate the church now. 

Anyways, not much else happened, we found a crocodille the next day haha, sometimes I am just like, wow, what am I doing here standing two feet next to a crocodille in a 3 world country, great times. Well love you guys, gotta go


ps, sprained my ankle reeeaaaally bad

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