Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey moms,
So uhhh, no email from you this week. Where you at? First of all Hunt is killing me haha. In the emails from all our friends and stuff he was talking about how he got transfered out to the boonies, then like his next sentence is about how they go to a gym and work out every morning. Like, uhhh thats the burbs not the boonies haha. Also, in his email from Heather he was talking about how he drives. Like they have a car? I literally have not been in a car in months, not to mention driving around in one to get to all your appointments. What a scrub haha. Anyways, had a really really good week here. I think my comp kind of settled in a little better, and he wasnt baggy at all. We worked really hard and we're hoping to set two baptismal dates this week. 

Rainy season has finally got here. I havent seen the sun in like a month. Its just cloudy all day every day and at like 2 or 3 every afternoon it just starts pouring rain until about 8 or 9 and night. I just walk around with my rain coat and umbrella at all times. I actually really like it though, it's a lot better than having it 110 degrees outside.

Got two good stories for you this week, so apparently there was an earthquake on Tuesday night here. It was at like 10 o'clock at night or something but I was out cold and didn't feel a thing. So the house was shaking pretty bad and it scared my comp. So he wakes up and (he told me this the next morning, i had no idea this even happened) is basically yelling at me and he told me he said ¨Morrow! Wake up! The house is shaking, it's an earthquake!¨(but in spanish) Then he told me I just picked my head up from my pillow and said to him ¨¿De veras? no me importa.¨ And put my head back down and fell asleep haha. He told me there was an earthquake, and unconsiously I responded to him with, ¨Really? Don't care.¨ Nothing broke or anything though so, eh, no harm done.

The second one happened last night. The zonies had a baptism so we went and were helping out. During elders quorum at church earlier, the bishop literally assigned every single adult some kind of thing to do during the baptism, like a talk, prayer, witness for the baptism, in charge of putting up chairs, putting down chairs, everything, just so that people would go to the baptism. So when it was time for the baptism the whole ward was there. So we had all the talks and everything in the chapel and then had to walk into the area where the font is so everyone could see him get baptised. After the guy got baptised they had assigned a guy to bear his testimony He is like this 70 year old guy that is just out of his mind. And he gets up there and starts giving his testimony. He was saying just the usual like this is the right thing your doing right now, this is what Jesus taught us to do, stuff like that, and then he starts going on about how he knows all these things because he talks face to face with Jesus. Everyone was kind of just looking around like, uhhh, did he really just say that? And he keeps going too and starts talking about how Jesus told him when the end of the world is and stuff like that. Just pure, beautiful, rediculous, apostasy. Haha, I could not believe what was going on. After like 5 minutes or so the bishop stands up and just cuts him off. We were dying. 

Anyways, love you guys, Talk to you next week.


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