Tuesday, June 5, 2012


How could you forget about your son like that? Unacceptable. I sit around all week just wondering what my dear mother will have written me; get to my email, aaaand nothing. I was crushed.

But yeah I feel really bad for my comp. Sometimes I want to kill him and all, but he is a good guy and actually has it pretty rough right now. His mom died when he was 15, and his dad died three months ago. He was talking on the phone this morning with another elder that he wants to come back here to Guate and live with, he was just like “yeah, I have nothing to go home, no family, no home, just nothing.” So he is planning on just coming back and living here in Xela when he goes home. Poor guy. I don’t know how much more time I will be with him though, I have been hearing from some people that I might be training this coming change but I don’t really know, I could be here another change or two with him. But it is true, when you see what the world is like outside of the United States your just kind of like, whoa, people live like this their whole lives, holy crap. We have it pretty good.

As with the weather, yeah its rains like crazy here, every single day, and sometimes multiple days in a row. My shoes are doing all right I guess. In my normal shoes one of the soles is starting to crack. But other than that they are holding up. I would suggest people just getting two pairs of the normal shoes and a pair of boots, the walking shoes suck, I really really don’t like them. The raincoat works really good too. I only use it when it’s really really pouring. But I also use an umbrella; the one you bought me, because I can just throw that in my backpack and always have it with me and it’s not a big deal. But yeah I wish I had brought another pair of normal shoes. I might need you to send me some for my b-day or Christmas or something. But well see how my shoes are in six months or so.

So yeah, I will just go ahead and tell Alex your welcome now for getting his career started, maybe an email or two would be a good way to tell me thanks, what a bum. That’s cool though, I always loved that family, I wonder what Kim has been up to, last time I had heard she was still just in Farmtown.

Speaking of flat Adam though, I am kind of starting to hate flat Adam. He gets to do all the cool stuff I wish I was doing at home. Keep him, and when I get home I am going to burn him. Jessie, remember my friend from the y, she is getting married in a few months and she asked me if she could borrow flat Adam so I could attend the wedding ha-ha. I told her I would ask you and maybe the next time you guys go back up to Utah you could drop him off with them. Strange ha-ha.
This week was pretty slow though here, my comp ate a really sketchy torta, like these weird sandwich things, and he got some kind of a stomach infection, so pretty much the whole week we were in the house. He was just throwing up all the time. Everything he ate or drank he would throw up. So I called the mission nurse and she was just like, well tell your comp to take pepto bismal. I was just kind of like uhhhh lady, like my comp has been throwing up nonstop for like 5 days now, he’s beyond the help of pepto. So we went and got all these blood tests and things like that done and found out he has an intestinal infection. Like yeah, that’s not good, pepto won’t clear that up. We did go make boleadas last night with a family. It’s food from Honduras that’s really really good. It’s a flour tortilla with beans, eggs and chicken. Dang, I was in heaven. It almost felt like eating Mexican food, almost.
 Anyways, that’s about all for this week, Love you guys, talk to you next week.

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