Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hey Moms,
It was another really good week here. We dont really have anyone to teach right now so that has been kind of tough. Just trying to fill time it feels like sometimes. The weather was amazing this week. It's been cool, like 70s ish, but it hasnt rained as much as it has been lately, only late at night, which keeps it cool during the day, but were not soaked all day every day which was a bonus. 

My comp is still sick as crap though which has been tough. We have gone and had every test humanly possible to try and figure out what is the problem and we still have no idea, super frustrating for my comp. I honestly think it is just stress, that will do some freaky things to your body, and I am almost sure that is what it is because they cant find literally anything wrong with him. He just throws up everything that he eats. He can only eat corn flakes and pan (little rolls) thats it. He will throw everything else up. Poor guy.

Sorry, yeah I got the package like two weeks ago, kept forgetting to write about it, also I got three of dads pouch letters and two from Wendy and Bree. Holy crap, Wendy´s letter litterally had me dying, she was like asking me if  I have a girlfriend and stuff, I was just like, yeah...sorry, don't have a girlfriend wendy haha.

I am trying to think and just nothing really exciting happened this week. Just another week in Xela, concrete jungle, what dreams are made of. We did find a dog skull one day just in the middle of the road haha. The mission has changes this next week but I dont think that I or my comp will change. We will probably be together for at least one more change. 

I did break into the zone leaders house this week. They share the area with us, and we always go to lunch appointments together and stuff like that. One of them accidentally forgot his keys, and it's just like tradition here in the mission, for literally everything, we have some kind of dibs system to see who does what.  Like who will play goalie, who prays, sometimes we will just do nose goes, like the last person to touch their nose has to do the thing. Another favorite is someone will just lay down on their back, the last person to be laying on their back has to do it.That one is my favorite, I am sure people always get a little confused when they see a group of people in white shirts just hit the deck in the middle of a dirt road but eh, whatever haha. But yeah, so I lost for this one, and had to jimmy up the side of the zonies house, avoid the barbed wire, avoid the power lines, and then jump down like a ten foot wall. Survived though haha, I will send a picture. 

Anyways one of the senior missionaries did a fireside last night, it was really cool, it was about all the stars and galaxies and everything, just how small and insignificant we really all compared to it all, but how we are still so importand to Heavenly Father and all, I really really liked it, it reminded me of that Uchtdorf talk from last November, super cool stuff really. But he said something that really caught my attention, he said, ¨We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.¨ Thats cool right? I loved that, makes you think really. Anyways, short on time, love you mom, have a good week.

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