Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey Moms,

So, things are changing... My comp had interviews with President every day this week, and I guess that the area authorities decided that he has to go home. So he is leaving 4 months early or so, but it’s probably better that way. It’s been super rough lately. We didn’t even really leave the house this week because he was just so sick. I feel bad for the guy, but dang, I want to actually be able to do something every now and then. We literally had nothing going. But since he was going home and we just opened the area I figured I probably wasn’t going to get changes, but I did. I don’t know where or with whom yet, just that they are re-closing my area and that I have to be at the bus terminal at 9am tomorrow morning. Kind of a bummer didn’t really get that much time here or anything, plus I have to repack. That is seriously the worst part of changes is trying to get all of your crap back in your suitcases again. I am hoping I get sent to Momos, that’s the area in the mountains where none of the houses have light or running water and they all bathe in the rivers and stuff. I think that would be a really cool change right now. The city is cool and all, but there is not much here. They baptize a lot more out in the areas like that, plus the people are super humble and friendly and stuff. We’ll see though, I don’t really know what’s going on for sure because there are 26 elders going home right now, and only like 12 coming in. So for that they have to close a lot of areas. I probably will just get changed to another area here in Xela, that’s what I feel like is most likely.

I cant believe yesterday was fathers day. That’s so weird. I didn’t really know, nobody had said anything about it being father’s day. The Guatemalans just celebrated it in the usual way that they do things here, with a ridiculous amount of fireworks. Yesterday I was just lying in my bed and at about 5 in the morning it all started. They are so nuts about that stuff here. It just sounds like bombs going off, and they always have to do them before the sun goes up for some reason. Other than that we didn’t do anything to celebrate.

For my six month mark we didn’t do anything either. My comp had been throwing up all day, and then at like 5 or 6 o’clock our district leader called and said we had to be in the house because there was a hurricane that was pounding Mexico all day and was coming straight for Xela, but nothing happened. It rained like usual but nothing like hurricane-esque. I convinced my comp to go to this bread shop at about 7 so I could buy a slice of cake to celebrate. Other than that, yeah, didn’t do anything, wasn’t super fun but hey, six months down.

I have been getting everyone’s emails and stuff, don’t worry. We only have about an hour to respond and usually most of my time is used emailing you sooo...
Anyways, I am going to shoot an email out to Jared and Landon, I will talk to you next week and fill you in on the new area and all. Love you guys,


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