Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi Mom,
How are you? I got your package! Its kind of sad that that will be my last one, but still, it was greatly needed. You can never have enough beef jerky. It came really fast though so that was also really nice. How is everything going? Is it cold there yet? I feel like when I get there I am going to freeze. I haven't been in anything below sixty degrees in a long long time. The rain has calmed down a bit here lately and that has been really nice. Its still a little more chilly too so it has a little fall-ish so we have been breaking out the sweaters almost every day. Its good that the rain isn't so crazy anymore also because all of my shoes are getting nice and holy. My boots are so worn through on the bottom that there are a few holes on the sole and water seeps in through the bottom of my shoes. So dry roads mean dry feet, wet roads mean wet feet. I just realized that you guys are now in Wisconsin. That is so crazy! So jealous. I bet there for sure its really cold up there.

Things here are good. Like I said its been a little dryer and the weather has been really nice. Since Elder Funk is going to take over my job when I leave, we have been pretty busy since he still has to do all that he usually does, plus learn how to do my job. He is a really funny kid, and he is a really good comp. Plus he always wants to get my fat butt out of the house and go running in the morning, that has been fun. We are working hard but it has been a little tough lately. Our only investigator that we still have been visiting frequently is Pablo. It is really awesome when we teach him, but we still cannot get him to get to church. He seems to like anything and everything we teach, but he just cant seem to make it to the chapel on Sundays, so like I said, its been a little difficult.

Its been a really quite week though, I cant really think of anything more interesting or exciting that has happened. We are just trying to keep working hard and find some more people to teach. I am really happy here and really love my area and my companion. Its been a lot of fun. Today for pday we are going to play some soccer pretty soon here and then we are going to be playing games here in the office for the rest of the day. We dont usually do much since we cant mosey too far from the office in case of an emergency. I love you guys and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Morrow

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