Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey Mom,
So we are sitting here with all the office Elders in a public Internet because we have been out of Internet for almost the whole week. This place is so crazy. We had our Internet in the office go down on Tuesday and we were calling people trying to get it back up, and nothing. So we kept calling all week and still nothing. Then today we find out that the bank where we had been paying our phone and Internet bills to had not been paying the company for like the last two years. And so the company got mad at us and cancelled the contract they had with the church. Cancelled it definitively, and they will not let us renew the new contract. Soooo, we have to get a new Internet provider ha-ha. Seriously though, you cannot get a whole lot (if any) of office work done now these days without Internet. I seriously couldn’t do anything. My whole job is on some online program of the church. So it was needless to say, a very slow week in the office. I did lots of reading. The only problem here too is that I cant find anywhere to plug my memory into the computer so it looks like you’ll have to go another week before I can send some photos.

We have had a very crazy last 24 hours though. Last night we were out visiting people and our investigator called us and said that she couldn’t get baptized today because she has a cousin in the Capital that just died and that her and her family where going to go down and visit the family. So we ran down to her house and got the whole story a little better. She said she was going to leave yesterday and just get baptized next week. So we went around the corner of her house to tell this crazy lady member that had given us the referral for her in the first place just to tell her that we were going to do the baptism next week, and this lady was not having it. She is seriously crazy though, I wish I could sufficiently describe the crazy that this lady is but I cant. She is partially deaf and her house is a mad house. She lives with her husband and her three daughters, their husbands, and like ten granddaughters all in between the ages of 3 and 10. All girls. The house they live in is tiny too. It’s basically a shared kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom per family situation.  And when you go into that house you feel like you cant hear right for a few minutes. It’s so crazy. Plus they have 5 dogs that just add to the gross and loud levels. But we went over to tell her we were going to postpone the baptism and she would not have it. She told us to sit down on the couch and said she was going to talk to her. She came back like twenty minutes later with the investigator and said that she was going to get baptized today just earlier. The girl seemed like she agreed but still I thought the whole time she was going to run away on us. I hope the lady didn’t bully her into getting baptized or anything. But either way we were running all morning to get everything ready for the baptism and at noon we had the baptism. She asked me to do it so that was really cool too. Baptism days are always the best days in the mission. You just feel like all the crazy and hard work all pays off. The sister missionaries have a baptism later tonight too that we are going to go and help out with also. We had planned to do them together but since all that happened it didn’t work out. Even still though, awesome. Now we just have to find someone else.... -_-

Things are good here. Everything is great in the office and it will be even better when we finally get our internet back up. Like I said, sorry for no photos again, I guess you’ll just have to wait until next week and you’ll get triple dose. I love you all, say hi to everyone for me. 


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