Monday, September 23, 2013


Hey Mom, 

How is everything going? This week was really great. The rain stopped a little bit and we had some really, really nice weather. We have been able to leave the office earlier in the day and getting more work done. We have some really good investigators that I am really stoked about. The lady that I blessed her baby, we have been visiting them a lot lately and she is really, really awesome. Her husband seems like he is warming up too, he came and played soccer with us today and we are getting to be really close. He was so stoked about church tomorrow, he asked me like ten times about church tomorrow and seemed like he was so excited about it. We have another lady we have been teaching too that I am really excited for. I am really, really enjoying my area actually. Were just in this really cool part of Xela and I just like the feel.

Time has been flying in the office though. We just always have crazy things to do and we go out and have to run and do this and that, it makes the time fly by so fast.  Nothing really exciting has happened though. Like I was trying to figure out what I had planned on writing you guys and I totally went blank. The work is good though; I’m loving it right now.

Something really funny that happened this week, I got a hold of the new EFY 2013 CD and I was putting it onto my computer, and I noticed that there is a song on there that was written by Colton Avery. I was just kind of looking at it and thinking.... could it really be? I listened to it and for sure it is. You guys have to look it up, its really, really good actually. I’m a fan. You'll have to ask Peggy and double check. That would be so cool if he got a song on the EFY CD. That was the coolest discovery I had from the week. 

Sorry this is a really short email this week, like I said though, I am totally blanking right now and I feel like nothing really that cool has happened. I am trying not to die thinking about the BYU football game. Hope y'all enjoy it. Let me know if my nephew is born this week too, that’s always important...
I love you all,

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