Friday, September 20, 2013


Hey Mom,

How’s everything going? Things here are good. Lots to do always. We finally have some investigators (now that we have been in the area working for a while). We have a lady that we had an awesome lesson with. She had listened to the APs a while back and we kind of just stumbled on her house one day. She had a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon and we read some stuff with her and left her with some verses to read. I love teaching. It’s so cool to get into peoples houses and really get to talking. It’s hard here lots of people have some odd beliefs and so when we actually get to sit down and work out their problems and ideas, you see how versatile and usable the gospel is. Religion down here is usually just I am catholic or I am evangelical. The catholic people are usually just born catholic and never really go, and the evangelicals are seriously wild. They believe in some of the craziest stuff I have ever heard. Especially when they teach anti-Mormon stuff. It gets unreal sometimes what people have told me. So we have that lady who is progressing pretty well, and the other part member families we have been teaching. One lady we have is seriously a Mormon. She just doesn't go to church. We got her to go with us once and I don't get it, she literally believes everything the church teaches and has no problems with the church, just her husband is lukewarm active and they don't wake up in the morning on Sundays. We’re pretty hopeful for them though, they really like us too, so were seeing if we can get some baptisms soon, which would be amazing.

This week the senior couple finished and went home. The office make up is a little different without them here. They had been here in the office for the last 23 months, that is a really long time to be here. Their last couple of days tons of people came into the office to say goodbye and everything. It was interesting especially since they didn’t speak a word of Spanish. They were attending my ward for the last two years and even though they couldn't talk to any of the people they made a lasting impact on the ward that was for sure. Since last week in church was their last week they had asked them to bear their testimonies and they asked me if I could translate for them, which always is really cool. They were getting a little teared up too when they were talking. I wonder what that would be like to serve in the same ward and never have changes, I bet it would be so tough or bittersweet to leave. I hope I know what I am doing though. It was nice to have Elder Fairbourne here just in case I didn't know exactly what to do with something, he was here to clear it up, and now I am on my own. I know I have said it before, but there is a thin line between financial secretary and excommunication...ha-ha.

Tomorrow is Guatemala´s Day of Independence. You guys will have to eat some corn on the cob to celebrate. Or you can just do what Guatemalans all do here to celebrate, take the corn, boil it into a mush, make the mush into a disc and fry it into a tortilla and eat it with some fried chicken. That would be the proper way to do it... They eat an unholy amount of corn here, especially this time of year since the corn harvest is going on. We had a family invite us over to lunch the other day, we seriously just had corn on the cob for lunch. I am not even kidding. Nothing else, just corn on the cob. They made us eat four each ha-ha. They call it crazy corn, and they cover the corn on the cob with ketchup, mayo, and this green hot-sauce, and that's how you eat it. I don't think I had ever rubbed fry sauce on corn before. They also eat it with lemon and salt, which is actually pretty good.

Lots of parties and stuff going on right now though. Since my area has these really big parks and markets in it that are in the middle of the city, I have felt all week that we were going to get robbed. Just lots of crazy drunk people everywhere. Something funny this week, we were waiting outside the APs house for them to get home so we could get our clothes out of their drier, and this drunk dude came up and asked us for money. We told him we didn’t have any and I am not sure how we got on this topic, but we asked the guy if he liked dancing, and he literally started dancing right there in front of us and sang us a song. Nice guy. We still didn’t give him any money.
 But that’s what’s going on here.
I love you all and hope all is well.

Have a great week.

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