Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hey Mom,
So yeah, General Conference week is really the best week in the mission. Work for a few days and then you have the weekend to just relax and gain some spiritual knowledge. The announcement of the missionaries was really awesome I thought. I think that is the best way that it could be really. 21 is too old for the women, by the time they get home from the field they are a little....old. But if they can leave at 19, be home by 20, and have all the experience and knowledge of an rm, think how much better prepared they are for life. Its not too late to start school, get married, and they dont have to just be in a limbo for 3 or 4 years waiting to turn 21. As for the guys, almost half of the elders here left when they turned 18. Here in Central America and in Mexico the rule has been that they could leave at 18 so that didn't really change much. All of the members and everything are still pretty excited though. It doesnt really make much of a difference for the guys, an 18 year old guy is just as immature and ignorant as a 19 year old. I was thinking about how big of a change it will have in the make up of byu and byui though. Super interesting, like who will be the people who live in the dorms and stuff? Rms never ever live in the dorms...It will be weird when I get home too, because a ton of all the girls my age and around my age will still be on their missions when I get home. Ghost town? As for the reduction of time in the mtc...I didn't catch that part. What's the deal with that? 

I missed a few things because, I watched it in spanish this time around (how weird is it that both of your sons didn't watch conference in their native language?) and so I missed a few bits and pieces. Although I was super happy about how well I did understand it. In conference the language is a lot more...educated than the language I am listening to. They use all vosotros in the scriptures and everything and that is only used in Spain so that was a little weird. But really it was cool listening in another language. It's different but the same. I don't like it because you don't get the character of the voice from the person, you miss a lot of the personality. It wasn't the same listening to Uchtdorf or Eyring, and especially for President Monson, the voices don't have any of their personality. But it was a lot better because I was a lot more focused on getting the big picture of all of their messages, and not getting caught up on bits and pieces. I think my favorite was Anderson's talk in the morning Saturday, talking about the refiners fire and faith. I think that was perfect for me. I am excited to download it in english again also, it will be like watching an entirely new conference haha.

As for Romney, I knew that he wiped the floor with Obama. Kind of funny actually because it's actually kind of a big deal here. All the people want to illegally and legally immigrate to the states so they follow a lot of the news and everything in the states. Like five different members told me after the debate that Romney made him look like a joke. That's good, I am not sure what I will be doing with the voting situation, will I be able to vote? I have never registered before or anything, can I still absentee vote? 

As for the mission president in california, that guy has an "I'm a Mormon" video, it's really cool. I can imagine that he would be a legendary mission president. I like that quote you sent too, I have one in my journal that is similar, I love it is says, ´´Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. –Sydney J. Harris´´. Its true. Its really amazing what an attitude can do for a person. I have seen that a lot here in the mission, there are people who are just dying to get out of an area, away from a companion, or to get home, and they just let time pass them by and don't really get anything out of it. It would be so much easier and better to just go home if your going to waste time. 

I don't know if you guys have thought about a Christmas package just yet(i am prepping mine, just got Landon's and Hunt's presents today), hopefully the next package won't be a Christmas one, but in the next one please send a ton of Christmas music. Whatever you can find, especially if the cd is from MoTab, or an artist from the church. Also for whenever you start the Christmas package, really all I need is new shirts and socks. My shoes are still holding up good and I bought another good pair from Megapaca, so I dont need those. I just need more of the VanHueson 16.5 shirts and some good socks, preferrably missionary mall, but they dont have to be from there. I am pretty short on shirts right now, the people who wash the clothes in some of the areas either loose or steal a ton of my clothes. I am down to like 4 pairs of shirts now. They are getting pretty yellow and worn too. I can hold out till Christmas though, don't worry. I just wear two a week, while the other two are in the wash, it's not bad. Grandma sent me a new shirt a few months ago in her package (i did get her last package too), and that same week I used it, sent it to the wash, and never saw it again haha. Sorry Grams. Anyways, keep me updated on what's going on with college football, top 25 and byu and all. Love you guys, Have a good week.


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