Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hey Moms,

Holy sweet long email. Things are good here though, staying pretty busy, well at least trying to. Yeah today is the start of my second and hopefully last change here with my kid. It's not that I don't want to be with my kid I just want a new area. I am so tired of this place. It's so small even the people who aren't members of the church know who I am by name now. If we knock doors I always get the ¨you again?¨ thing. 

But yeah we have some really good investigators it's just they all have one problem that is keeping them from being baptized. We have one guy that is just soooo ready but he isn't married to his wife and the divorce process here is a nightmare. It was crazy because the house, well room, they were living in before, the owners went in and robbed all their stuff and then kicked them out. They called the bishop at 11 one night and he took him to a hotel and called us and said we basically had that next day to find them a place to live. So we went house shopping all day and they ended up finding a really good place in the area. It was just sad though because they were basically crying because the house they had found came with a bed. They had just been sleeping on a blanket on the ground in this cockroach infested room for like a month. Just such a hard situation, we went to teach them one night and they were all basically falling asleep because they were so tired from not having eaten in a day or two. We got them food from the bishops storehouse, but the owners of the room they were renting had stolen everything, including their little electric stove, so even if they had like beens or rice they couldn't cook any of it. 

But we got them all moved into this room, and yesterday we went and had a lesson with them, they were just so happy and seemed so calm and everything. The guy is just dying to get baptized, just hoping for the divorce to go through. That's basically what we have been doing all week though. 

On Thursday we had this really big ward barbeque and soccer tournament. I got dragged into playing on the elders quorum team, but I was just in my missionary clothes. I ripped the biggest whole in my pants haha. I guess I have to start looking for a sister here that knows how to sew. 

My comp has been teaching me how to cook some Peruano food. I can make garlic rice that you would not believe, so good. My comp eats an insane amount of rice though. He bought a five pound bag of rice last week and he finished it off yesterday. I don't know how he is alive with the diet he has. For breakfast he always eats a huge bowl of white rice and fries an egg and puts that on top. And then we eat lunch with members, and then for dinner he eats a huge bowl of white rice and a cucumber. Sometimes he mixes it up a little bit and eats an avacado, but tha'ts it. You'd think he would be a little bit nutrient deprived. But he said that's what he has done his whole life. Strange...Anyways, the countdown is on, this is my last change before the year mark, almost time to listen to christmas music, and almost my birthday. The last day of this change is my birthday. Anyways, love you guys, have a good week.

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