Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hey Mom, 

So you have celiacs also? That's strange, is that something you have had your whole life and its not been a problem or is it something that gets developed? I just had to laugh though when you told me that there could be damage without symptoms for years. I'll just say I'm having plenty of damage and plenty of symptoms right now. I would say celiacs is one of my lower priorities of stomach problems for the moment haha. I have been sick for a while, nothing major, like I don't have parasites or ameobas or anything, just lots of boo. 

I think it's because were always visiting this family that is really poor in our area and they always give us something to eat. But since they don't have running water or light in their house it's kind of dangerous to say the least. But eh, I only have like six more weeks in this area or so, so I think I can manage it. I am hoping it slims me down a little bit because I am getting fat. They feed us way too much in this area and I have morning sickness (boo), and it's way too hard to do excercise. I am just way way too tired to get up and do any p90x. I'll just wait till I have six months left and then hit the p90x hard. 

Things are really good here though. We are finally getting some investigators to progress. We have like 4 families that we are teaching. Plus we had interviews this week, they seemed to go really well. It's cool now that I have some time with President. He gave me some really good ideas and things I want to start trying differently. It's weird that I am in the double digits of months now. I have just a few more weeks till my year mark too, did almost a year really just go by? Strange. 

A couple interesting things happened this week though, first of all I finally felt my first earthquake. It was a 5.something and happened at like 4:30 in the morning. I just woke up and my bed was rocking back and forth really hard. I thought I was just dreaming, and then it stopped. Only lasted like 10 seconds, and nothing was damaged. But at least I can say that I have been in an earthquake now. 

Also, another person got killed in my area this week. Twice in one change. That might be a new record. Like I have seen dead bodies and stuff before, but it's rare to actually see or here the doing of the deed. This time we were with that family that is really poor and we heard a few gunshots. In the moment we just thought they were blackcats going off, because they are always blowing up black cats here, but no. Some people called me a little afterwards and were like, someone just got shot, be careful. I was just like of like uhhhhh. Again? Clean up your act Xela, so ghetto. 

The last thing was that a sister missionary got home from her mission this week from the DR. We were talking to here and I asked her if she had met an Elder Behrmann, she was just like, is he huge? So I laughed and told her yes and she said she remembered him when he hit the field haha. Just thought that was kind of a strange coincidence. 

My comp tortillia´d for the first time last night too. It was really funny because most of the non-guat latins are super racist against the guatemalans. They always talk about how the people here are chickens because they eat too much corn, and how its against the word of wisdom to eat corn. And then the crazy old corte ladies will make them cook their own corn tortillas everynow and then. My comp being the worst, he is kind of a superioristic, like who knew that Peru was the greatest country in the world, like I had only heard of it for machu pichu and llamas before, other than that nothing. Always makes me smile. 

Anyways, I need something from you guys, I would really like it if you guys could send me one of the priesthood lineage sheets that dad has, that would be something cool to have. Anyways, that's about all for the update this week. I love you guys, have a good week. 

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