Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey Moms,
So for the phone call, I am going to call like 2-ish (my time, not sure if it’s the same as there) on Sunday. We’ll just have to do the same thing that we have always done where I call and then ya'll just have to call me back. I have just been kind of thinking about it and I can’t really believe this is my last phone call. That makes me feel really old. A lot of my friends in the mission that I have known for a really long time are all getting ready to go home and all. Makes me really sad actually. I feel most of the time like it’s going too fast.

We didn’t get any packages or anything. We did make it down to Xela but really we didn’t have time or any way to get things back up here to Huehue. Like I said, it’s really, really far and super hard to bring things back on the chicken buses. Supposedly there is a trainers meeting for the missionaries that are training up here in Huehue this week so the A.P.s should be coming up in their truck and hopefully can bring us the packages. I’m dying for a good package honestly. It will be nice to have some American treats, that’s all I’m looking forward too.

Yeah my comp had told me all about the move. His family sent him some photos of their new house. Sweet mercy we should look into moving to Minnesota. Their house is insane. It’s like Eric status. I really like this comp; he is one of my favorites. He is a really good and smart kid and he always has the best intentions for everything. He's teaching me a lot ha-ha.

Back to Minnesota though, I was talking to my mission president’s wife a while ago and she was also trying to sell me on going to St. Paul for school. It’s all in the twin cities area and apparently they have a really really good med school at the U of M. And St. Paul is a really nice big city but not ghetto like other big cities. I think it would be cool to go and study after the Y at some place like that, a big city. Get the big city life a little bit.

This week for me was great. I literally was dying from boo to start the week. Like I'm not in pain or anything, I just can’t digest food normally. But they had given me some medicine and I think the friends I have in my stomach won the first round. I had to go and take some...tests (not pleasant ha-ha) this week and try and find out a little better what is happening. We went with this member who does special.... tests for people like me. And it just killed my comp and I while we were waiting for the results.

The lady was printing out the paper and my comp asked her what I had, she responded that it would probably just be faster to tell me what I didn't have.  I had to take a few tests though so I went back a few days later and the same thing, the lady found even more...friends. I got some medicine and stuff though so I am feeling a lot better. Hopefully it clears up soon, buuut maybe not. If not I would be coming home and looking good. I weighed myself just too see where I was at, 190. When I left Xela I was at 215(fatty) and when I left Toto I was 205. On the bright side it gave me a good head start on my six-months-to-sexy.

I am really excited about this week, we have been working really hard and we have about 10 investigators that we are working hard to put baptismal dates with. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyways, that’s about all that’s new here. As for packages, I could use some good Alex Boye music and other church stuff that is new, things that have come out since I have been here. Also some scar cream would be nice, get rid of some fleabite scars. Other than that though, just the usual package stuff. I hope you guys sent off that package with the shirts. My three shirts are barely hanging in there ha-ha. Especially since its so hot here and they get sweat soaked on the daily. If you did send it though that’s probably all I need, I don’t need more than three or four shirts.

I am so excited to talk to everyone next week though. Just remember that you need to have your questions and everything all ready because its not a whole lot of time, but a week from now I can say that the next time we talk we will talking face to face. Cool right?

Love you all, have a great week.

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