Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hey Mom,
Happy B-day Alex! That’s weird that he is 23, that sounds really old. My comp’s brother also had his b-day today and also one of our dl’s had his b-day today also. Popular day I guess. Alex wrote me an email about the news from this week. He seems pretty stoked about the boy ha-ha. I think that secretly is every man’s dream, start out with a boy. I told him he should name him Joseph though, kind of keep the name in the family, especially since he doesn’t even use it. When is the due date though?

Also that is cool that Dan is gone this week. Am I the oldest missionary out in the ward now? I bet he will really like Uruguay though, South America is actually really well developed as for the church, so there will probably be lots of good strong members and lots of people to baptize. Plus their Spanish sounds super funny, always makes me laugh, the peoples accents from that part of the world.

One weird thing was we went into this mall type place to use the bathroom a while ago and I heard air conditioning running. I don’t know why but that was so soothing. Like it was a sound so familiar and nice. Then I was like, woooaaah, I’m such a nerd. Ha-ha, but yeah, I have really learned what Nephi meant when he was talking about tender mercies. jars=blessings

We had a really cool week this week. There is this investigator that we have. He is really awesome. He had been listening to the missionaries for a while but they had kind of left him for not wanting to progress. He is from Mexico and he is also twenty like my comp and I. He works every day from 3 to about 11 at night selling Mexican tortas and tacos in his little food stand. We eat them every now and then (probably why I had parasites ha-ha. But they were sooooooooo good.) But we had just been reading the Book of Mormon with him and it was really cool you could just see him changing almost every day. The day we put the baptismal date with him he was super into the lesson, and then told us about his whole life basically. And how he had had some prophetic dream when he was younger when his grandpa, who had recently died, came to him and told him not to get baptized yet in the church that he had been going to. It was the church where his grandpa had been a pastor or something. And we asked him what he thought about our church and he told us the Book of Mormon was true and that he basically had been waiting for us. So hopefully he is getting baptized in a few weeks. He came to church and a YSA activity on Sunday and I think he really, really liked it. We have high hopes.

Other than that, we are still on the search for some more investigators. Were dying to find a golden family. Or any family that is willing to listen to us really. Not even a family, anyone will do honestly. Things are good though, changes are in a week, I don’t think anything will happen here in my companionship but, you never know.

Anyways, that’s about it, I love you guys and miss you, have a good week.


P.S. When I get home. I am stripping straight down to my G’s and doing snow angels in the carpet in the house.

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