Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Moms! Hi!
So had a good week, but before I start, story time. You would not believe what happened last night. So we baptized three kids this week, and we went and were going to teach them the restoration (after baptisms they receive all the lessons again) and we have a movie and were about to start and everything, and all the sudden a huge fight breaks out, and the kids and the mom just start fighting with each other really bad. I am not exactly sure what the problem was, something about food, but Elder Conte and I were just kind of trying to diffuse the bomb. (there was a lot of yelling and tears). We’re trying to teach forgiveness and families, we need to love each other, things like that, and we thought we had kind of diffused the bomb, so we step out of the room for a minute to try and figure out what to do.

We had already been there for like an hour so we were going to leave, it’s like 8:30ish. So we go back in and the mom who is 42 says she wants a blessing because she is not feeling well. So we start with the blessing and about half way through she kind of starts slumping over in her chair. Then she starts shaking really badly. So Conte just cuts off the blessing, says amen, and the lady is kind of freaking out. People are kind of crazy and dramatic here so really I didn’t think all that of it, but she totally starts freaking out. So we move her to the bed and she just starts convulsing and moaning, just so weird. Then she starts grabbing her chest and saying, ¨my heart hurts, my heart hurts¨. Literally had an investigator have a heart attack during a lesson, scariest thing of my life.

They live right by the bishop so we had her son run and grab him, got his car, carried her to the car and drove her to a doctor. She ended up being all right (as far as I know now), but holy freak ha-ha. I thought she was going to die. Definitely one of the freakiest moments of my life. We didn’t get home until 11ish, our district leader was freaking out a little bit. But seriously ha-ha, she had a heart attack in the middle of a blessing. Just another day in Guatemala ha-ha.

But yeah, we had an awesome week, on Saturday we had a baptism of three, I got to do two of them so that was really really cool. I was so nervous but didn’t have any problems with the prayers or the names. We had 11 investigators attend the service too, so yeah, way cool. I am so glad I am not in a tough part of the world. We don’t have a ton of success, I heard the mission average is 10 baptisms, so I would say I am starting off pretty good. But a mission like Alex’s, that would be rough. I remember when he said they had tracted something like 1000 straight doors without getting in, I can’t even imagine. We don’t tract, we only work off referrals, mission rule, but when we don’t have anything to do (like 3 hours my whole time here) we tract. So far I have knocked on 3 doors my entire time in the field. Out of the three, we got into all the homes, taught two lessons, and one of them is progressing and we are hoping to set a date for baptism soon ha-ha. Yeah. Sorry Al.

But I was relieved to hear Alex is all right, well...doesn’t have cancer. I was pretty worried, but yeah, I feel a lot better, I am sure he is quite relieved too. How is Bones? Feeling better, have a good birthday? How is March Madness, like who is doing good and who is projected to win? I’m sure BYU will be out first or second round. No Jimmer magic this year:(

 I finally got some mail, I got a letter from Scott Snow, my old roommate, and two from Gabby, if you could tell everyone who sends mail to send me email addresses too, so I can write them back. I don’t think there actually exists a place here where we can send letters, only email. Also, I got moms first package (heavenly) and two dear elders from dad from at Christmas time ha-ha. I had never got them before though so that was still kind of cool. Like getting mail from a time machine. Keep me updated on March madness!
I love you guys, talk to you next week. Les quiero.

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