Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Time to Fly

Sorry we didn’t email this morning like the usual. We haven’t gotten mail since Thursday because apparently it’s a holiday? I had no idea. I have no idea what holiday there is in the middle of January. Maybe they are just making stuff up now so people can have work off. Or its like Martin Luther King Day and I am a little ignorant. Its not Presidents day is it? Either way, we were waiting to get the mail before we emailed but they still haven’t distributed anything since last Thursday. Lame. Still haven’t gotten any. 

So we finally got our travel plans this week, I was so flipping excited. I am really sad to leave our district and stuff but at the same time I have been going a little crazy still being here in Provo. It’s been such a fast year; I can’t believe how fast time is going by. We leave next Tuesday night, we fly on Delta 2041 from SLC at 8:05pm, and get to LAX at 9:14, then leave LAX (flight 457) at 10:45 and get to Guatemala City at 5:24 in the morning. Red Eye? fuuuuuun. I will try and call while I am in SLC but we will see. I’m sure I can figure it out; I am just going to buy a calling card at the bookstore here. I have all my travel money too Mom, no need to worry. I have everything under control. I think...

Also I hope they got all this E-Coli business worked out too. I want to get sick and lose a ton of weight and be Elder Guapo and all, just not right now, you know what I mean? Mom I have been meaning to ask you for a while now but I keep forgetting, did you take care of my deferment? I hope so, if not, that’s not good ha-ha. Also the calle shoes would be perrrfect. Send me those please; they were somewhere in that stuff that I sent home, hopefully they get here before I leave. I packed almost all my stuff today and I think I am doing fine on weight. I had almost everything in both of my bags and they were both at 35 lbs. so I shouldn’t have any problems. I am sending some stuff home this week too so I think I shouldn’t have any fines.

Another thing I need you to post to the blog is that if people send me emails or cards and stuff, I need an address to write back to them. So many people have written me stuff or an email and I have gotten things sent back to me because I do not have the right address and I don’t know them off the top of my head. Also I hope you guys liked the text message ha-ha. Griffin was just talking about how his Grandparents were here for the week getting ready for a mission and literally seconds after we ran into them and she pulled out here phone and was like "Jacolby, (he is white, I love it) I am texting your mother riiiight now" I was laughing so hard. Then she looks at me just dead serious and says "Should I text your mother?” So I told her we should send you a pic ha-ha.

This week has been a little crazy actually. Last Tuesday night for devotional we heard from Russell M. Nelson. It was amazing. He talked about the Atonement. Rocked my world. And then on Wednesday we got our new roommates, and Codi Peterson, one of my best friends from the dorms, lived across the hall from me in Merrill, moved into my room. What are the odds of that? I was so excited ha-ha. He is going to Argentina and just happened we got matched up together, I don’t see him a ton since we are not in the same district but even still, pretty cool. Another funny story, on Sunday we were on our temple walk and we were crossing the street to go back to the MTC and I looked back and I see someone who looks a little familiar. I walked back and Carlie Rindlisbach was walking around the temple with one of her friends! It was so crazy, I went and shook her hand and talked to her a little bit, it was so strange to see someone else from the outside world. Such a crazy week ha-ha.

The only damper was the news about Molly. How sad. She was such a good dog. I am really going to be sad to come home and not see that cute face. Hopefully she is barking, and chasing tennis balls, and eating all the poop she can handle in doggie heaven right now. Dogs go to heaven, right?

My Spanish is coming along great, I cant wait for Mothers Day so I can call and talk with Dad, he better study up a little bit, because for the rest of my life, nosotros hablamos en español, hombre. I am really good with gospel things, I could talk forever in Spanish about the gospel, but day-to-day stuff is really still pretty rough. Yesterday we had our first English fast, so we spoke Spanish all day, it was pretty hard but I would just laugh and think, yep this is going to be fun for two years. We actually called it a "Spanish Fiesta", because we didn't want to associate Spanish with something bad like fasting.

One more cool thing, I was in Second Nephi a week ago today, and I just finished the Book of Mormon this morning. I was pretty determined. Every free second I had I was reading and I flew through it. It was pretty amazing. There is an Elder in my district who has read it 11 times in the last two years. Pretty unreal, so I still have a ways to go, but you have to start somewhere right? His story is actually pretty amazing. I will try and get it in a letter to you guys. I can’t believe I have only seven days left in this place. I have hated it and loved it. But life is pretty awesome I will have to say that. I am soooo excited to be in the field in less than a month, how crazy is that? Well I am almost out of time. Send me some dear elders, I can’t wait to hear from you. Also what’s up with Alex? Let me know? Hasta Luego.
-Elder Morrow

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