Monday, March 11, 2013


Hey Mom,
Yeah this Tuesday that just passed was changes here. My comp and I are still together but the zone had a ton of changes. We went from having 14 missionaries in the zone to 26. A few of them are just here temporarily but they did open up a few new areas and stuff. A lot of the mission is in trios right now too because of all these people that are just visa waiting. It was super stressful trying to find all of the houses and arrangements for everyone but hopefully it will be a little calmer this week. 

For all the missionaries that are "waiting" we just brought mattresses for most of them to sleep of the floor since who knows how long they are actually going to be here, and I don’t know where they think we are just going to pull like 50 beds out from, but they all were not happy about just having a mattress on the floor. I was just kind of like uhhhh, get over it.  At least the newbies have their own mattress...Another kid was like can I get a new mattress? Mine has fleas. Uuuuhhhh. Welcome to Guatemala. 

For my comp and me though this week was good. We think we might have found a golden family. It's 5 in total all in baptism age, and we had the dad attend stake conference with us this week. He was so excited about going that he even went and bought a new shirt and pants (yeah, big deal here). But I was super stoked about this guy; he was sooo attentive the whole meeting and just seemed to love everything. Pray for us, I would like another gold family. 

Saturday was interesting too. We went out to this aldea in our area and were inviting people to the conference, and it was literally hotter than Africa outside. I don’t think I have ever been so hot in my life honestly. It was so hot that the dirt roads were covered in about 6 inches to a foot of straight dry dust. It was almost like walking through snow. It was almost unreal. When we got out of that area we had to take off our shoes and shake all the dust out. Of course we were wearing black pants and about up to my knee it was just brown dust stained ha-ha. 

We had to come back into town after that and buy an ice-cream. So hot. I am almost ready for rain season to be back. There is no winning here with the weather it seems. It’s either insanely hot and dry, but your feet aren’t wet and you don’t get blisters, or its pouring rain and cool, and your feet get blisters from being constantly wet. The good thing is my boots are still in really good condition so I should hopefully survive this rainy season all right. 

Funny story about my comp this week though,  he always just does Michael or Phil things that kill me, the kid always makes me laugh.  But a few weeks ago he ran out of oil to use for blessings, and we cant even buy food in my area the chances of finding real olive oil have to be slim to none. But he finds this bottle that says oil of the olive. So he just figured he hit the jackpot and when we get home, he consecrates it. Then like ten minutes later he just yells ¨What!? Are you kidding me?? I hate this country! ¨, So I walk out and ask him what’s going on, he shows me the bottle and points to the ingredients and the first ingredient is vegetable oil ha-ha. I just lost it ha-ha, I was dying. Literally was laughing about that for days that he had consecrated vegetable oil. This was like three weeks ago, and then this week one of the nights we got home and I was changing and I walk back into the kitchen and my comp is cooking chicken nuggets on the stove, and I look right next to the stove and the bottle of consecrated vegetable oil is half empty. He was cooking his chicken nuggets with consecrated vegetable oil ha-ha. Is that apostasy? Like technically it can’t be right? It wasn’t olive oil, but even still. I was laughing all week about it though. 

Anyways, that’s about where we are at here, apostasy levels are high. Love you guys, have a good week.

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