Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey Moms,

This week was interesting. They ended up sending a few of the missionaries in the zone home this week, some for disobedience and others for sicknesses. Both are pretty rare. But things are going well in our area. We have another baptism coming up next Saturday, not this one but next week. He is super golden. I don’t know what it is but we have found a lot of golden investigators in this area. He just really wants to change his life and he is friends with a lot of members here. So he said he just is making the connections and getting baptized just makes sense. He showed up to church this week and we were just kind of showing him the chapel and all, and we took him in front of the baptismal font and we were just talking to him, and then we just put a baptismal date and he was like, ok, I'll do it. It's crazy when you find people like that. It’s so exciting and really makes all the crappy days worth it ha-ha. I really am enjoying the comp I have right now too. He is just super humble and doesn’t want to do anything but work hard. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard on my mission. It would be nice to see more fruits from the work, but I will never complain about finding a golden investigator. Changes are in two weeks and I am really scared they are going to change me. I really really don’t want to leave. It’s hard to accept changes and have the ¨I'll go where you want me to go¨ attitude. Especially when you feel like you’re in stride. But hopefully they leave me at least another change here. I wouldn’t complain about that. I am not even feeling the time go by either. I can’t believe I'm just down to the fingers now; I don’t need my toes anymore to count the months. That’s crazy.

Josh's talk sounds great. Though speaking of feet, Josh might not have hobbit feet, but his brother in law sure does. I always thought Tafty looked like Frodo from the ankles down. But I really enjoyed that talk too by E Christofferson. It's really what it all comes down to in the church; how much the men are willing, ready, and able to do. I have seen a lot of families either make it or break it here, and its always 100% based on the father. It's sad too because you see alcoholism destroy so many men here. That’s a cool story about his dad though. I really like that too. It's funny how the Sunday school answers are the things that will save us one day. Simplicity of the gospel. 

Alex was telling me y'all want to come and pick me up. My opinion on that is this; it would be better to wait until I am home and then come back. One, because as a missionary I can leave my mission, so all the cool touristy spots of Guate, I can't go to those. Plus, when I go home it's still kind of rainy season here. It would be better to come in the summer when the weather is really nice, and we can go apostate at the dance clubs at night because I won't be wearing a name badge. That’s just what I think though; it’s all up to you guys of course, especially since it’s your money. Anyways, I love you guys, have a good week.

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