Friday, August 10, 2012


Soooooo disappointed in you right now. Seriously. Give me the scoop on all the Olympics, and you don’t even mention that the first Guatemalan EVER won a medal this week? Not a gold medal, but a medal nonetheless... Seriously, Guate won its very first medal ever this week, and you didn’t even notice?? It was such a big deal here ha-ha. We had ward correlation with our mission leader this week and he cancelled, while we were there, and forced us to watch it. He literally would not let us leave his house. If you still don’t remember what event it was, I will refresh your memory. He won silver in the 20km power walk. Ha-ha. Kind of some serious stuff too, everyone started shooting off fireworks and stuff. The Sunday school lesson was given about this guy. I was getting some serious memory throwbacks of jimmer fever. It was a cool story though, the guy is like 20 years old and is from this really really small aldea. (aldeas are like 100, 200 people tops) Gave me some Chapin (nickname for Guatemalans) pride. 

Keep me updated on the basketball too, someone was trying to tell me we lost to Argentina or something but I didn’t really believe him. The U.S. doesn’t lose.

 Anyways, for my changes, I am now in an area in Xela called Baúl. It’s in the 3 Xela zone so now I know all of Xela. It is the smallest area in the mission. It's 5 blocks. That’s it, 5 streets. I can walk from one side of my area to the other in 2 minutes. Suuuuper tiny. But there are 180 active members in the ward, so yeah, there are about 50 people in the area that are not members of the church. It’s kind of strange. We are not allowed to contact because the bishop doesn’t want us to burn out those few people that are left, so we just go around and help and teach the members and work off of references.  We have a few investigators too so its not all that bad. My new comp is from Mexico. His name is Elder R (everyone in the ward calls him power ranger). He is really really cool. He is Elder G’s (my mtc comp) trainer. He is a super quiet and humble guy, but really knows a lot about the church and stuff and is a really good teacher. All the members LOVE him too. I am scared that when he gets changed the members are going to throw up from crying so hard (that’s the phrase that people use here). But he just baptized a full family this last change and so the members love him even more for that. 

I am the district leader here too so that is cool I guess. All it means to me is  that I have to stay up really late waiting for all the missionaries to send me their stats for the day. But other than that, nothing much else is going on here. 

Sorry I don’t have any photos this week, we didn’t take any. I will try and take some this week. Landon sent me an email finally, from his missionary address too. Ahhh that is sooo crazy. I am sooo stoked for him, he will be such a stud missionary. Such a good kid. Also all the photos from Atlanta...whelp, I'll just say, that made me suuuuuper trunkey. Sooooooo jealous. 

I can’t believe school is starting again though, like we are in August, that just kind of dawned on me, that is strange...But anyways, looks like Atlanta was fun. If you think people dressed crazy there, you should see some of the people here. They just buy clothes from Salvation Army and stuff that is like all 80s and stuff. Pure style. 

Anyways, kind of a slow week this week, not much to fill you in on. 
Love you guys, talk to you next week.

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