Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Mom!
Happy Valentines day!

Finally P-day, this week took forever ha-ha. I am so ready to leave. I have some bad news for you though; your brewers yeast did not work. Wednesday I was in bed all day with about half of the rest of my district, we got some kind of food poisoning, Soooooo, that was fun. I didn’t know I physically could run that fast from bed to bathroom, I’m pretty sure if you had a stop watch on me I would have impressed some college scouts, maybe my sports days aren’t over just yet. But it was only the one-day and everyone is back to normal so that is really good.

Other than that we just had class like usual and just doing the last few things we need to do in order to get ready for the field. I would really appreciate a care package, I got your two cards, but other than that I have not received any mail from anyone else here. Hopefully I have some things waiting for me in the mission home, but if not, está bien. If you could send a CD with some Jon Schmidt, Hilary Weeks, Jenny Oaks Baker, anything churchy or efy-ish that I can listen to. I will figure out a way eventually to put it all on my iPod, also maybe send one of the white iPod cords to plug into a computer, might need one of those in order to plug my iPod in, buuut, what ever.

Tracting this week was totally crazy ha-ha, I absolutely loved it. We got Latino comps for the day, loaded up like 50 missionaries on a public bus and hit a pretty ghetto area of town ha-ha. It blows me away how packed in the people are here, I wonder what the population density is, because the area we tracted was just these giant buildings, with hundreds of doors everywhere, we just knocked on them all because there is literally no possible way to know if there is a house behind the door or not.

We had one pretty funny experience right at the end of our day we walked by this 40 or so year old man who was probably not even five feet tall, and we said hello to him and kept walking, and probably after we had walked 20 or 30 ft passed him he just goes ¨WHATS UP, WHIIIITE BOY?!?¨.  So of course, being a man of large stature, and highly favored of the Lord, I turned around as fast as I could and walked straight up to this guy. Pretty sure he was about five seconds away from making a break for it and running, when I reached my hand out and kind of grabbed his hand and said something like ¨Senior, can we talk to you about Jesus”? My comp just started talking to him in Spanish, I couldn’t really understand what was going on, and all the sudden my comp goes ¨NO, NO, NO. Estaba(or something like that) Adán y Evá, no Adán y Pedro, no Adán y Juan.¨ And I was just like, uhhhh, what is going on right now ha-ha. I had no idea how they got to that, but maybe the guy thought that we were gay or something, I don’t know, I was trying as hard as I could not to just die laughing, it was hilarious.

The guy was actually really interested though, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he set up an appointment for him to be taught. Other than that we didn’t have much success, but it was 100 times better than being parked in a chair all day.

I am so stoked to leave. Apparently we are leaving on a bus to Xela at like 9ish on Tuesday morning. It is about a 4-hour bus ride, and it’s like 90 miles ha-ha. Should be fun. I am so nervous, because I know I don’t speak any Spanish, but at the same time I am so stoked, should be awesome. I am hoping for just like the craziest area, I want to be bathing in a river (there really is an area where they do that) speaking Spanish to some 4 feet tall natives. Aaaah. Can’t wait. Well my time is up, hopefully we will be able to email from the mission home or something,
Love you guys,

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