Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey Mom,

As for you questions, Huehue is short for Huehuetenango, and yeah it’s the name of the department (state) and it’s also the name of the city that I am in. Usually the names of the departments are just the same as the biggest city there.

It is pretty mountainy here but not in the city. The city is in a really big valley and is surrounded by mountains. We are really close to Mexico. The top of the department touches a large portion of Huehue. There is this really cool place to eat here that a member owns so all the missionaries like to go out there and eat. He lets all the missionaries write on the wall and that’s the wall art. It’s really cool actually. But I saw my name that I had put there when I was in Chiantla.

My comp has been in this same zone for like 8 months now. He started out in another area here, but then two changes ago he got changed here and was the zone leader before. We are about three hours in a bus ride from Xela so we don’t really get to go down too often, only once a month really. We go down when we go to our zone leader meetings. We’re going to head down tomorrow so hopefully I have some packages waiting for me.

My area is really good.  I really like it. It’s all just pure city, so it’s a little different than my old area, but the people are actually a lot more open to the gospel and everything. We have quite a few of really positive people that we are teaching and we had a baptism this week that just passed.

The kid was really positive and seems like he will be a stud in the church. Kind of disappointing though, he really wanted to go on a mission, but he is already 25 and by the time he completes a year of being a member he will be too old to be able to serve as a missionary.

Other than that I have just been trying to get over being sick. I have had some stomach problems lately, and I had to take some more antibiotics.  But as we speak I feel like my stomach pain is coming back so it might not have cleared everything up yet. Maybe I brought along a few buddies with me from Toto. The more the merrier I guess.

We also had a multi zone conference this week that was really good. It was cool because President’s wife was going to give a talk, and since she doesn’t speak Spanish she always needs a translator. Usually one of the APs just does it but this time she asked me if I could translate for her. I was actually really pleasantly surprised at how well I did. It’s always nice to be somewhat able to measure your progress and see how much you have learned, and that’s always a good way to tell.

That’s crazy Alex and Dayoung hit their anniversary. That makes me feel a little old in the mission...Anyways, that’s all that’s new with me here, have a good week and I love you all.


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