Monday, October 1, 2012


Hey Mom,
Holy crap. The store looks awesome. That was the first email that I oppened and I am seriously impressed. It might have something to do with the fact that I am only used to seeing buildings made of cinder block or mud, and full of little brown people, but it looks really really good. It will be good for you guys I am sure. 

Everything is going well here, my comp is kind of getting in the groove a little better, he doesnt cry at night anymore when he takes off his shoes. We had a good week, nothing phenomenal but were teaching a few new families now that actually are kind of positive, so hopefully we will be having some baptisms in the near future. My ward might have broken a mission record this last week, we had 240 people in sacrament meeting. I am not sure how many attend in wards in the states, but that is HUGE here. When I was in Garibaldi, that was my second biggest ward and we never had more than 150 people there. It looked like stake conference haha. 

One of my really good friends in the mission turned 21 this week so we ordered some chinese food and I bought him a tres leches cake (yours tasted better), but it was fun. When we went to their house though I was just laughing, you can tell missionaries have lived in this house for years, but like, years. There is not an inch of wallspace that is not filled with a photo from the church or Jesus or a temple, and in the kitchen haha, there is a stack of cereal boxes that lines all the walls and goes all the way up to the roof. Just stacked on each other. Easily 100 cereal boxes. From floor to roof the rows are all the same box, but like every two or three rows the type of cereal changes. And then on the back wall is just pure boxes of dominos pizza stacked on top of eachother. You can look at the order tags and they are from like 2002 and 2003. So gross. 

My friend that just turned 21 is exactly 1 year older than me in the mission also, and he goes home next change. Almost getting there... I am fighting myself right now too. Such a mental battle, I am trying to hold out for as long as I can without listening to christmas music, buuut, today is October so its fair game now right, right? I know it will make me super trunky though so I am fighting. Two more months though and I will be able to sing ¨Ill be home for Christmas¨ and it will be real, not only in my dreams like this time. 

I am not that trunky though. Its all super routiney now. I am a little worried about changes in a few weeks though. My zonie was on divisions with one of the APs this week and after they finished we saw them at the church and he was kinding of hinting I am going as zonie this change. I sure hope not. I hate district leader. I am so sick of it haha. I just want to be a normal missionary in a normal area, and not have the sister missionaries call me every five seconds asking permission to do the dumbests things ever. Also zonies are usually in their areas for 6-7 months, uhhh. But I am thinking it is mostly likely I will be shipping out of here December 3, that's when the next changes are. I have already had too many areas/comps, just keep me here for a little bit longer. 

Anyways, thats too sad about Joe. Its always tought to hear about things like that. You never wish that for anyone, especially a family that is as amazing as they are. I love you guys. I am starting to look for Christmas gifts so if there is anything you might know of its existance and would like for me to send it, I am taking all requests now, and if not, machetes for everyone. Have a good week.


P.S. the photo of the bananas just reminded me of Blades of Glory when the hot dog vender has a bun with two hot dogs in it and says ¨Does this look normal to you?¨ haha.

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